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Crispy Chicken with Lemongrass Vermicelli


I was craving a breaded chicken dish with pasta like chicken parm but I wanted it to be lighter. I was also craving Vietnamese bun vermicelli. I put the two cravings together to create this dish. I had been thinking of Vietnamese for a long time actually. The other day I finally was going to order some but I was having a lazy day and didn't want to leave the house, so I found the only place that delivered. I had never been there and didn't look at the reviews, but it turned out that it was more of a Chinese place that had some Vietnamese dishes on the menu. The bun vermicelli was almost embarrassingly bad and it made me crave the stuff even more! I'm not saying what I made here is super authentic or anything, but when I am craving it what I really need is the interplay of cucumber, mint, peanut, fish sauce, and rice noodles. The one that I ordered that day only had 3 out of 5 of these ingredients and for me that just doesn't cut it!

First I steeped some lemongrass in fish sauce, vinegar, and water to make the sauce.

The peanut, mint, and cucumber.

Straining the sauce right into the bowl with the rice noodles. Mix it all up good!

Then just fry off the chicken.

The chicken was super juicy and added a crispy element that bun vermicelli needs.

So tasty! Craving satiated!

The sauce for the noodles was 1/4 cup fish sauce, 1/4 cup rice vinegar, and 1/2 cup water. Roughly chop 4 stalks of lemongrass and mix them into the liquid. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. Allow to steep for about an hour. Cook some rice noodles and stir in cucumber, mint, and peanuts, then strain the lemongrass out of the sauce and toss it with the noodle mixture. Serve and top with freshly breaded and pan-fried chicken tenders. Add sriracha as desired.


There's a dish almost exactly like this at the Pho/Vietnamese place up the street from me and I get it everytime I go there for lunch. Looks so easy to make. Looks awesome.

This looks great! I always get bored with plain grilled chicken or marinated baked chicken; I will definitely have to try this!

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