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Pickle Flavored Pretzel Pieces


When I go on road trips, and I did several this summer, I am completely addicted to these Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzels. I always grab them at the first rest stop, and snack away for the rest of the trip. Well road trip season is over, but I still found myself craving these pretzels the other day, and decided to try my hand at making them.

The best thing about the pretzels is that the flavor is not just on the outside but throughout the bites. I realized upon inspection that the pretzels were yellow most of the way, but the very centers were sometimes white, which led me to believe that they were soaked in a liquid flavoring and then dried or baked further. I used that plan to make this recipe and it totally worked perfectly! I knew that I needed a totally unique flavoring liquid to justify making these at home, and that's where the pickle flavor came in.

I always use the Alton Brown recipe to make soft pretzels, and I reccomend that you do too.

The pretzels are quickly boiled before baking.

Then brushed with a light egg wash.

These look like they are asking to be sliced in half and loaded with sausage peppers and onions or cheesesteak, but alas, we must trudge forward!

Just rip up all the pretzels into bite sized peices. Mandi wasn't here for the pretzel baking part of this recipe and believe me when I say that she was PISSED there were no soft pretzels left for eating! I always forget when I make recipes that use soft pretzels as an ingredient that I should really make double.

Anyways, a quick soak in the liquid. This was 50% pickle juice and 50% banana pepper or pepperoncini juice. Be sure to strain it, I don't like them chunks!

Get the pretzels out of the liquid after only one minute or so. They will be soaked through. Dry them on a rack for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Then get them into the oven. The racks would also be helpful in the oven but mine arent big enough so it was pointless.

After several hours at 200 degrees.

So crunchy, so flavorful. One distinct advantage mine had over the store bought ones were that they had much less grease to them. After a few of the packaged ones you need to wipe your hands, but these were totally dry yet still packed with flavor!

These last forever in a zip top bag, and are perfect to break out when people are visiting. In fact, my friends are on their way here at this moment to watch the Breaking Bad finale tonight and I think I will put out a dish... Or maybe just save the rest for myself.

Step 1: Make soft pretzels
Step 2: Soak for 1 minute in flavorful liquid (I used 50/50 pickle juice and banana pepper juice)
Step 3: Dry. I dried mine for about 45 minutes on the counter, followed by 5 hours in the oven at 200.


reading the post now im still a little mad! ;) look at how yummy they look! i want to eat all the soft pretzels please. i wish i had brought some of the pretzel pieces to work to snack on.

These look so good!!! I grew up in Canada where we had dill pickle potato good. Dill pickle sunflower seeds are delicious too. Wish I had bag of your pretzel pieces in my desk drawer this morning :)

I, too, don't like them chunks. Can we have a soft pretzel party to make up for the loss of all the soft pretzels in this post and for no longer having any new episodes of Breaking Bad to watch?

Made these today and they turned out great! I love Snyder's buffalo wing flavor so I made a batch using hot sauce, as well as your pickled ones. Both are awesome.

I am thinking that since real Pretzels are always boiled first, why not boil them in "pickled" liquid? I have boiled them in beer and that is fantastic, so pickled would naturally be good, ya think? Then you keep the shape and texture.

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