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Beans and Greens Stuffed Mushrooms


These mushrooms were a healthy and easy weeknight dinner and came out wayyy better than I even imagined. In fact, I was having a beer with some friends at a burger place near my apartment and I had to leave to make these just as their burgers were arriving to the table. I was really questioning my sanity, but after one bite of the mushroom I totally forgot about the burgers!

Caramelize some onions, then toss in the kale.

A can of diced tomatoes and some black beans go in next.

Kill the heat and stir in scallions and cheddar.

Clean out the ribs from the mushrooms and load them up with the filling. Get them onto a baking sheet and get them into the oven.

Pop it on to some brown rice and dig in.

So much flavor in this thing. And super healthy!  And did I mention simple?

Rip the leaves off the stems of some kale. Dice an onion, shred about a cup of cheddar, and chop up some scallions. Strain and rinse a can of black beans. Cook your onion in some oil until lightly browned, about 15 minutes. Add in the kale and cook 2 minutes. Add in the beans, and a can of diced tomatoes and stir well. Cook only about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in the cheese and scallions. Clean the ribs out of 4 large portabellas and remove the stem. Lightly salt the insides of the mushrooms. Load the filling into the mushrooms and make sure it is really heaping. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes. Serve with rice.


I still maintain that you made the wrong choice. #drinkmorebeer

It's not the prettiest meal, but it sounds really tasty. Must eat with beer in honor of your burger sacrifice.

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