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Vietnamese Bun Vermicelli Burgers

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Last week I went to an awesome burger event in Boston called Battle of the Burger. It was lots of fun and sponsored by Amstel, so as you can imagine I had a few. I tried as hard as I could to taste all 20 burgers there, but alas, I only made it to about 15. I almost had to crawl out of the event I was so full! I even had to pass on the make your own sundae booth, and throw away a few bites of a shake shack burger which might have been a low point of my life. I was really impressed with many of the burgers, especially the lamb and tzatziki burger from Cafeteria, but overall, I wished some of the restaurants lightened things up a bit. Every burger was an overindulgent savory bomb which was awesome at first, but after trying 10 or so, they all started to meld together. If I was there, I would have served these Vietnamese vermicelli topped burgers as a bit of a reprieve from the bacon-truffle-mushroom-aioli-cheese madness.

The event was so much fun though! I smelled like smoke the whole rest of the night cause there were 20 huge grills cranking away in a small space.

My friend kim and I split all the sliders to try and maximize our eating potential.

On to the recipe. The mini burgers got a nice spritz of fish sauce, with some sugar and salt. The mix-ins for the rice noodle is cucumber, carrot, peanut, and mint.

I could just eat a whole bowl of this, but I had to treck on to the burgers... It was worth it though.

Sear up the burgers to a nice medium.

Then just top them with the noodles. So tasty!

I thought I wouldnt eat burgers for awhile after the event, but I have no problem scarfing these down.

In fact, I might have eaten all 3!

The bun vermicelli was shredded carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers, chopped peanuts and mint, and cooked rice noodles, all mixed together and dressed with some fish sauce and sugar. The burger patties were lightly marinated for about 15 minutes with fish sauce and sugar and grilled to a nice juicy medium.

1 Comment

These DO look incredibly tasty!!

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