Welcome to hummus week! Every day this week I’m gonna be blasting you guys with new and awesome hummus recipes! Hummus week is brought to you by Sabra. I was recently lucky enough to take a trip to their hummus factory and spent an awesome day meeting new and old friends and learning about hummus. If you want to know more about the trip itself, Nick at Macheesmo (who I met IRL for the first time after being e-friends for over 4 years!) captured it pretty well here.

I couldn’t start hummus week though without actually making a batch from scratch. I’ll tell you guys a few things about making hummus from scratch. The good news is it is crazy cheap and crazy delicious. You can make a decently large batch and split it to make a few different flavors, and it keeps really well. The bad news is it’s a real pain to make and in the end the hummus from Sabra is better anyways. That being said, I had fun making it, and when I say from scratch, I mean super scratch, like making the tahini paste and everything!

A modest ingredient list.

There is a big question in the hummus world on weather or not to de-shell these guys. Your hummus is going to be a lot smoother if you take the shells off, but it’s really annoying. When I use dried chickpeas, I usually take off about half. I basically rub the chickpeas against each other after the soaking phase but before the cooking, and many of the shells fall off. Then after cooking, I remove some others that have have fallen off.

I tossed these guys into the slow cooker for like 6 hours until they were practically falling apart on their own.

Toss the chickpeas in the fridge to cool while starting the hummus. This is the tahini paste being made with some sesame seeds I toasted. At first they just kinda break up…

Then you can tell things are starting to change…

Getting there!

Once the paste is smooth, add in the rest of the ingredients!

A nice thick hummus.

The first variety I made I dubbed Guac-Humm-ole. Basically hummus mixed with guac ingredients.

The texture and flavor on this was awesome!

In fact, I entered it into a guac-off that I happened to be attending that day.

I think I came in about 4th out of 21 or so guacs, so not bad!

Not enough to win a trophy though :(

The other flavor I made was a basil-habanero-feta variety that I took to a roller derby party that same night. It was a fun day.

Here is the hummus in a nice lookin’ bowl.

And here are people enjoying the hummus.

And here is the bowl by itself. Mandi made it during a little arts and crafts interlude at Sabra!

I used 1 cup of sesame seeds, 2 heaping cups of dried chick peas, 1 lemon, 3 cloves of garlic, and lots of olive oil. I food processed the sesame seeds with oil for a solid 5 minutes at least before it turned to a smooth paste. I soaked the beans overnight and then slow cooked them with some garlic and onion for about 6 hours until tender. I removed about half of those pesky chickpea shells throughout the process. I discarded the garlic and onion before blending everything.

The guac one was a cup and a half of hummus, 2 avocados, 1 habanero, 2 limes, a small onion, and a handful of cilantro. The habanero basil feta one was a cup of hummus, 5 habaneros with no seeds, about 7 leaves of basil, and 1/4 cup feta.