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Hot Dog Pizza


I'm lucky enough to live only 2 blocks from the best ballpark in the world, and I've been known to down a few Fenway Franks in my day. For every one I eat though, it's fair to say that mandi probably has 2. That's why when Kayem offered to send me a bunch of the Fenway Franks to play around with, I happily obliged. A friend was visiting from out of town and hot dogs were on her mind, but when she arrived we went straight to a pizza party, so she thought she would be unable to satiate her craving. Good thing I brought a couple of the Fenway Franks to pop onto a new pizza idea!

Pretty simple stuff. sauce, cheese and dogs. Get this into the oven.

Watch out! There is a kid at the party and he stole the spatchula!

Ok, the pizza is out, time to top it with the usual hot dog suspects.

Not complete without a nice mustard swirl

This pizza was crazy good and if you like hot dogs, you should probably make it next time you are in the mood to make pizza.

I've been super busy all week with the photoshoot for the book, and it feels great to be done! you guys have no idea how awesome it's gonna be. Oh, and you can ALREADY pre-order it here!


kayem also gave out some free hotdogs at the longwarf in boston on tuesday and we met shane vicotino! check out the pic in the link! we didnt catch one of him looking up though but he said he liked my tattoo! yay for hotdogs! yay for pizza parties! yay for baseball!!!

I don't think I ever would have thought to put hot dogs on pizza, but people do cheeseburger pizza, so it makes sense. We're always throwing Kayem franks on the grill for an easy dinner.

If you have any hot dogs leftover, I suggest you try a peanut butter dog with some bacon. They are delicious!

You have a cute sous chef there!

Looks like a Korean pizza. My man.

I'd like hotdog pizza! Hope the photoshoot/party went well last night!

yeaterday we made a chili cheese dog pizza,,omg it was soo good

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