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Porky Bean and Olive Salad

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While I was traveling I caught up on some food magazines that I had been neglecting when I was so busy. I really enjoyed busting through some Lucky Peach, Food and Wine, and Bon Appetite, and this dish is sort of a mashup of dishes I saw in all of the publications. As you can imagine, they were all summer themed issues, and this bean salad would go perfectly as a side on any BBQ spread.

Brown up the pork before adding in the soaked beans.

Deglaze with some delicious beer, then add the beans and some spices and simmer away.

When everything is tender strain the liquid out, then fish out the pork and chop/shred it up a bit. Add it back into the beans and let everything cool for a few hours.

Char some corn and remove the kernels. Add them to the beans.

Add in all the rest of the ingredients like loads of cucumber and olive, and mix everything up nice. Serve with some nice toasted bread.

The floral marjoram is such a different flavor combination with the beans than I am used to, and the fresh cucumber and olive really makes the pork pop.

A different bean salad than you might be used to, but its really tasty!

Serve it on a platter on crostinis to class it up a bit, or just put a big bowl out at your 4th of July party on thursday!

1 cup dried cannellini beans
1/2 pound boneless pork ribs
1 beer
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon chile powder
splash of worcestershire

Soak the beans overnight in about 3 cups water, OR do a quick soak with the same amount of water by bringing to a boil and letting sit for 1 hour. I accomplished the same thing by microwaving them with the water for 3 minutes and letting them sit for an hour.

Strain and rinse the beans. Chop up the pork into 1 inch cubes, salt, and sear it in a hot pan with some oil until browned well. Add in the beer, then mix in the beans and spices. Top with a few cups of water. Simmer until beans and pork are both tender, almost 3 hours.

Strain the mixture. Pull the pork out and chop it up into small shreddy pieces. Mix it back in with the beans and stick it into the fridge to cool.

Once cooled, chop and add to the beans:
a cucumber
3 charred cobs of corn
about 30 kalamata olives
1 red onion
1 tablespoon marjoram
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

Salt to taste, and serve with toasted bread

1 Comment

Sorry to not focus on the food - it looks amazing - but I'm digging your countertop... would you mind sharing what it's made of? Very cool.


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