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Nacho Burgers


I have a little confession for you guys. I suppose I could have started back up a week ago. I finished my work. Handed it in. But instead of getting the old blog-train cranked back up, I spent the past week at the beach eating dishes like this crazy Nacho Burger. Do you guys blame me? It feels really good to dust off the old cobwebs though (I almost forgot my passwords to log in and post!) I am a little worried however that some people may have moved on, since almost 2 months is like 5 internet-years, so any likes, tweets, or general passing along of this post would be greatly appreciated!!!

The guys are hanging out, testing the guac, playing some cards, and having some beers.

Meanwhile, I am cooking the burgers.

After they cook on the first side, flip them and load them up with the chips and cheese.

Make sure you close the lid to get everything all melty and delicious.

Meanwhile, get the guac and salsa on the buns.

When I said melty and delicious earlier, this is what I was talking about. Got it???

Please refrain from licking your screen for the duration of this post. Your coworkers might give you funny looks. If they do, just send the link over and they should understand.

It was the first day of summer, and I couldn't think of a better way to ring it in.

Gahhhhhhh. The buns on these could have been bigger. Or I guess the burgers could have been smaller? You know, if that's your thing or whatever.

Is this what you guys have been missing?

For these burgers, make your patties like normal, then lightly dust them with a taco seasoning, preferably homemade (you know, like some cumin, chiles, paprika, oregano, salt and pepper, stuff like that). Make some guac (I have a recipe here) and maybe salsa if you're feeling ambitious, but I just used store bought that day. Gather your buns, chips and some pepperjack cheese. Use the huge chips so that they are the same size as the burgers. Go ahead and get the burgers on a nice hot grill and let them cook on the first half. Brown up the buns while this is happening. Flip the burgers and immediately top with cheese, followed by a chip, then cheese and repeat until there is 3 chips on there and they are all loaded with cheese (It's a bit of a balancing act). Close the lid of the grill and turn it down a bit just to let the burger finish cooking and the cheese melt. While the burger finishes, spread a light amount of salsa on the bottom bun, and really load on tons of guac onto the top one. Serve the burgers hot to some anxious and hopefully slightly intoxicated friends.

You guys have no idea how good it feels to be back. Don't forget to help me get the word out!


Yay! I actually made something similar a few days ago (added bacon... *cough cough please don't judge) and they were delicious! Better with homemade guac, I'm sure! Hopefully your book will be available in Canada soon :)

Dammmmmmmmn these look good! The rubbish thing about living in the UK, you just smoke out your kitchen making these beauts as we have one day of summer to get the barbie out. Screw it these look totally worth it!


I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now and love the recipes that I've seen but have never actually made 1 until yesterday. I made sheperd's pie soup. it was awesome. I used ground chicken cause my wife and I are on a semi diet. I also fused 2 of your recipes . Shrimp and steak tacos using buffalo shrimp. Made a little slaw and some guacamole.Nice. anyway love the blog. keep up the cool recipes.

Great that you're back! Very nice job...
Greets from Germany

This looks delicious! You should have an icon to easily link to pinterest, btw, for all your female readers out there. ;)

Also, recently I made your "srirach-y joes" and they were DELICIOUS!

Um, yeah. Those look amazing! Perfect summer burger for sure.

Yay you're back! I've been following you since I first got into food blogging, you're one of my favorite bloggers. That burger looks amazing as well haha

Yay you're back! I've been following your blog since I first got into food blogging a little over a year ago, glad to have you back!

First, this looks delicious and I am definitely going to try this for our next burger night. Second, I don't think I've commented but a few times over the years, but I have enjoyed your blog ever since my friend walked into the bar one night declaring, "holy $hit, you have got to start reading this guy's blog--he made some crazy thing called a Timpano." Needless to say, you were missed and I'm glad you're back. You have changed my way of thinking about an ingredient more times than I can count.

still here!

Haha! that's totally the receipe that got me hooked to this blog too!

I agree, you totally should have a pinterest button on here

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