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Chicken Fingers... with Spicy Club Sauce


Fried Cheese... with club sauce. Popcorn shrimp... with club sauce. Chicken fingers... with spicy club sauce! I had no idea what club sauce was, but I imagined it to be like a cross between bbq sauce and cocktail sauce. The internet didn't really help me in figuring out what it was, so I just made it how I wanted it to be. Honestly I thought the sauce was awesome, but the people I was with apparently don't really like horseradish, so they didn't enjoy the sauce as much as I did. I probably should have asked them before I dumped a bunch of horseradish into the sauce!

Onion and habanero starts the sauce.

Tomato in followed by some worcestershire, sugar, honey, and vinegar. Let it simmer an hour and a half before blending.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GENE PARMESAN! But yea, bread your chicken with some breadcrumbs and parm.

Just the usual chicken breading. Flour, egg, then the breadcrumbs mixed with parm.

Fry em up!

Pull them out when they are nice and browned.

And serve with the sauce. This dish is enough to give you vertigo!

Spicy club sauce
Saute an onion and 5 habaneros until beginning to brown. Add 2 cloves garlic followed by a 28oz can of tomatoes. Add in 2 tablespoons of worcestershire, 2 tablespoons mustard, 2 tablespoons smoked paprika, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup honey, and 1/4 cup vinegar. Simmer for an hour and a half, remove from heat, and blend until smooth. Add 1/2 cup of mayo and 1/4 cup of worcestershire   Cool before serving.


Loving all the Arrested Development clips! I've missed it! Didn't realise how many food related bits it had. Can't wait for it to be back. Now off to freeze some bananas!

FoodNerd x

AAAHHHHHHHH! These chicken fingers were so good.

i know right richie?! SO good!!! it's amazing how big a difference the parm cheese made in the breading. or the panco? i dunno. whatever it was, these were great. and dan i love horseradish dont act like everyone hated it! sheeesh!

Did anyone else read this in GOB's "club sauce" voice?

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