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Vietnamese Inspired Chicken Salad


This was one of the best things I cooked in the past 3 months of healthy eating. I knew I wanted to make a healthy version of a chicken salad, and happened to be craving the flavors of vietnamese bun vermicelli, so this dish was born. This chicken salad would taste awesome anywhere chicken salad normally tastes awesome, like in a sandwich, wrap, or pita, but I just popped it on top of some lettuce and rice noodle.

Toss everything in a bowl and mix. I used pistachio instead of peanuts just because I had them around, and I tossed in some dried mango using the logic that people like raisins in chicken salad and this would be a southeast Asian equivalent.  Right?  Do people like raisins in chicken salad?

Super delicious stuff. And the yogurt instead of mayo makes it much more healthy.

This really satisfied the cravings that night.

1 pound chicken breast(cooked, chopped/shredded), 2 carrots(shredded), half an english cucumber(julienne), a bunch of mint(chiffonade), 1/2 cup pistachios(chopped), bunch scallions(chopped), 1/2 cup dried mango(chopped), a cup of strained yogurt, fish and soy sauce, sriracha, rice vinegar, grated garlic, grated ginger. Mix everything up. measurements aren't exact, mix to your personal preference. Serve over lettuce and rice noodles.


I love your recipes, but you are incorrigible when it comes to these inexact measurements. Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to using fish sauce and rice vinegar?

Love this idea. I don't like raisins in my chicken salad, but the dried mango I would try.

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