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Lucky Charms Cheesecake


For people's birthdays, I often play mad libs with their favorite ingredients to make a cake for them. It was my co-worker's birthday last week and as the boss, I felt like I should make her a cake, but I didn't know what she liked. I said I was doing a survey for my "other job" (this one), and asked some questions, like, "What is your favorite sweet, candy, nut, cereal, and snack?"  After weighing the options, I thought this Lucky Charms Cheesecake would be the most fun choice.

The hardest part of any lucky charms recipe is splitting the the marshmallow from the oats.

The second hardest part is not just pouring milk into this and eating it.

Some of the oats in the food processor to make the crust.

Soak the cream that will be used in the recipe in some cereal to infuse the flavor, then strain it.

After mixing the cream cheese with the cream and eggs and sugar, its a beautiful consistency.

Mix all the marshmallows right in there.

They float.

After baking. The marshmallows brown and add a nice roasted flavor.

After cooling overnight this thing is dense, creamy, and delicilous.

A few of the oats sprinkled on top.

Just enough lucky charms flavor, packed into a perfect cheesecake.

For the filling, I mostly followed Macheesmo's rainbow cheesecake filling but instead of heavy cream, I used light cream that was soaked with lucky charms oats. Because of the sugar content in the cereal, I also dropped the sugar in the recipe down a bit.

Step 1 is to buy the extra large box of lucky charms and remove all the marshmallows from the rest of the cereal. I will be referring to these as the "charms" and the "oats" for the rest of this recipe.

6 tablespoons butter
32 oz cream cheese
1 pint light cream
1 cup sugar
1 cup sour cream
4 eggs

For the crust of this cheesecake, Place 3 cups of the oats into a food processor and pulse until crumbled. Add in 6 tablespoons of room temp butter and give it a few more pulses to get everything coated. Prep a springform pan to be waterproof in a waterbath by wrapping it in tin foil. Press the oat and butter mixture into the springform pan to form the bottom crust and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, place the pint of light cream into a bowl, and load it up with oats until you can't fit anymore. Allow this to soak for about an hour. you should still have some oats leftover for serving (you only need about a cup). Once the cream has absorbed all the cereal flavor, strain it and measure out 1 cup for the recipe.

In a mixer, or a food processor, beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add in the sugar and mix again until smooth. Add the sour and heavy creams, and a pinch of salt and mix some more. One at a time beat in the eggs. until combined.  Stir in the charms.  Pour this into your cooled pie crust that is in a larger baking dish. Place that in the oven fill the baking dish with hot water. Pray that your foil protector is doing it's job, and bake at 325 for an hour and 50 minutes. When it's done, shut off the oven, open the oven door, and let it sit another hour or so to cool down slowly and prevent cracking. Cool in the fridge overnight before serving. Top with a few oats to add crunch.


Love this! I always used to eat all the marshmallows first whenever I had Lucky Charms... I like them when they're still crunchy.

You forgot to add the charms to the instructions!

Great job on this one. I can't wait to try it. Soaking the milk in the cereal for a bit is genius. That turned me into Anton Ego when he got his dish of Ratatouille.

This recipe sucks and taste's like cow vomit. I would not recommend this for anyone. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy.

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