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Chicken Habanero Meatballs with a Mango Dipping Sauce

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Speaking of birthdays, people came over to my place this weekend for mine, and I wanted to make a little snack for everyone to eat before we went out. My first idea was meatballs, but when I eat a few of my normal meatballs, I end up with garlic breath and heartburn all night, and I didn't want that for myself or any of my guests. Instead I whipped up this new spicy variety. Light with chicken and pork instead of beef, less garlic than normal, a little habanero to get the blood flowing, and instead of the heavy red sauce, a simple puree of mango to dip in. They were a big hit, and didn't bog anyone down for the long night ahead.

Everything except for the meat into the food processor.

Mix it with the chicken and pork and form your meatballs. A nice hot broil on both sides for about 6 minutes is just enough. Check one to make sure they are done though. You get to eat that one, so you might end up checking a few. Just to be sure, ya know?

Mango dipping sauce is the easiest thing to make ever. Just put the mango into the food processor and turn it on.

These were some really good meatballs!

Just enough heat, and a good salty-sweet-spicy mix when you eat it with the sauce.

A pound of chicken, pound of pork, 5 habaneros (no seeds), half a bunch of cilantro, 1 clove garlic, 4oz fontina cheese, some bread that has been splashed with water and wrung out, salt and pepper. Mix everything except for the meat in a food processor until pretty smooth, then mix it into the meat. For the sauce, literally just put ripe(or frozen) mango with a pinch of salt into a food processor and let it rip until it is a beautiful sauce.

1 Comment

Sorry I couldn't come out for your birthday! I'm sure you guys had a blast. These look like the perfect birthday meatballs!

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