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Moving Day Pasta


Mandi and I moved into a new apartment yesterday, and for the first time in three and a half years, the kitchen is MY kitchen. I won't be sharing the space with any family members or roomates with whom I am of varying degrees of closeness with. I can set it up just how I want, and include an area for taking perfect photos. I couldn't wait to cook in my new kitchen, so just like this day four and a half years ago, the first thing we unpacked was the pots and pans and we ran to our local store. We even made the same dish we made that day, because it is very easy and comforting. Unlike the cellphone pics I took in the dark that day, the pictures I took came out great. I can only imagine all the memorable meals that will come out of this kitchen.

Sausage in the pan first. We had no oil in the house so the fat from the sausages came in handy.

Garlic and crushed tomatoes in next.

The mostly cooked orecchiette gets mixed in to the hot sausage and tomato mixture.

Mix some tomatoes into the pasta when it is still very hot and cook on low until you just start to see the skins breaking.

Remove from heat and mix in ripped basil and mozzarella.

Put these things into a hot dutch oven or frying pan in this order -
3 sausages
3 cloves garlic
1 can crushed tomatoes
1 lb cooked orecchiette
about 20 cherry tomatoes
a handful of basil
4 oz fresh mozzarella

Feels great to be back!


Welcome back! Happy New Year! This looks great. I think I'll make it tonight.

Looks delicious! I'm going to try this out for dinner this week!

Congrats on the new place! We just moved too, and I was so excited to set up the kitchen. This looks like the perfect first meal.

I haven't heard Mandi's name in a while! So glad you guys are back!

Happy New Year! Congrats on finally finding a new place. Hope to see you guys soon!

Mandi's back? YAY! Miss you guys!

What a delicious first supper! May your time in this new home be a happy one. Happy New Year!

Yay!! Happy for you Dan!

Wow, it's been four and a half years??

Oh wow does that look good. Can't wait to try your recipe, and it might show up on my menu soon. Thanks!

Hi again. What size can of crushed tomatoes do you use (15 oz. or 28 oz.)? Thanks!

salt, you idiot.

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