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Crispy Cheese Gnocchi with Spicy Ketchup


It makes sense to dip your gnocchi in ketchup since gnocchi is made of mostly potato. But these weren't just any gnocchi, they were marbled with a sharp cheddar, and perfumed with a splash of truffle oil. And it wasn't just your ordinary ketchup either, it was fortified with some garlic and olive oil, and spiked with a nice hit of sriracha. These cheese gnocchi were nice and crispy on the outside, but extremely delicate and soft on the inside and exploding with flavor on every bite.

Cooked potatoes and jsut enough flour to bring them together.

Cheese gets folded in the mix.

The more tedious part of the recipe.

All ready to go!

Fry the gnocchi to add a nice crispy element and make them more snack like.


These are such a fun and different little snack.

Classic flavor combinations with a new twist. That's my kind of food!

Bake 3 potatoes until tender, allow to cool and run through a ricer. Add between a half cup and a whole cup of flour and mix together to form a dough. Add 4 oz sharp cheddar and a tablespoon of truffle oil and mix to combine. Form the gnocchi and boil for only a few minutes until floating. Be careful not to over boil or the cheese will fully melt and cause them to fall apart! Drain gently. Allow to cool and dry. Pan fry in olive oil and butter until browned.

The sauce was a clove of garlic sauteed in a few tablespoon of oil. Remove from heat, add a splash of cream followed by 1/4 cup sriracha and 3/4 cup ketchup. Mix well and serve.


I've said it before: you're a genius. I can't wait to try these - they look delicious!

I want these. Right. Now. Be honest, were these one of the most delicious snacks you've ever made? They look like it.

Yep, going on the SuperBowl menu! =)

Saw this recipe earlier in the week & made it tonight.
Had some trouble getting the gnocchi to stick together at first, but a little extra flour did the trick. Mine don't look near as pretty. I was about to start a fight with that gif after watching it 20 to 30 times. But in the end, they were delicious & totally worth it.
And that sauce really works well with them.

Oh my goodness, this looks great!! I NEED to try this!

this is one of my favorite movie snacks....frend fried ghnocci with dijon mayo. been making the crispy gnochhi for abut 20 years now :)

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