50 Soups from The Food in my Beard

Because it’s been so freezing out (and TOTALLY NOT because I failed to make a soup this week), I have decided to do a roundup of every soup I’ve ever made for this week’s soup monday. Turns out I’ve made a ton of soups you guys! I’ve organized this list into types of meat or veggies used, with a special favorites section down below. Hopefully you can make one of these soon. Stay warm!

Veggie Soups

These aren’t all vegetarian, but could easily be made so.

Adding curry to blended veggie soups is common and it really works well in this Cream of Curried Cauliflower soup.



Curry Noodle Soup is a healthy light soup bursting with tofu and noodle deliciousness.




A classic Carrot and Leek Soup.




TamTom Soup has two of my favorite ingredients, tamarind and tomatillo.




A light and healthy Asparagus Soup.




Roasting the cauliflower at high heat makes a big difference in the final flavor of this Roasted Cauliflower Soup.



The roasted red peppers in the broth give this Roasted Red Pepper Soup a decidedly mediterranean flair.



I think this Veggie Soup started out as broccoli soup but I ended up putting so much into it I had to just call it veggie.



Bread bowls and bacon make this Chowder memorable.




I normally don’t love gazpacho, but this Grilled Gazpacho has an interesting flavor from all the veggies browned over an open flame. Also tzatziki froyo!



Roasted Potato Soup proves yet again that roasting things before blending is much more interesting than boiling.



Thai Coconut Soup is spicy with crunchy yummy veggies.




Not the most traditional Borscht, but delicious nonetheless.




Celery Root and Kale Soup is healthy and filling.




Artichoke and Spinach Soup tastes just like the dip!




Summer Corn Soup isn’t cooked all that long to retain that fresh corn flavor.




Curried Squash Soup. more curries!




End of Summer Tomato Soup is another summer soup that’s only lightly cooked to retain the fresh taste.



Guinness and Onion Soup is a twist on the classic made with everyones favorite stout.



Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Soup somehow inspired by Kate Nash.


This Peanut Coconut Shrimp Soup was bogged down by too many noodles, but had great flavors.



My first try at Cioppino was a success.




A recent recipe, this Thai Chicken and Dumplings was a fun update on the classic.




Everyone’s favorite Italian stir fry becomes a soup in this Chicken Broccoli Ziti Soup.




This Buffalo Chicken Chili turned out crazy spicy.




Buffalo Chicken Soup is actually really easy to make.




Tomatillo Chipotle Green Chili is my only green chili recipe and reminds me I should make it again soon.



Chicken Parm Soup tastes just like the classic dish.



Red Meat and Pork

Paprika Lamb Cous Cous Stew is packed with lamb flavor.




Putting the peppers right into the broth give Habanero Basil Sour Soup an extra kick.




Albondigas and Biscuits is Spanish food mixed with american comfort.




This Bacony Black Bean Soup is loaded with bacony goodness.




Potato Rosemary and Sausage Soup is comfort food at it’s finest.




This Plantain Chili recipe is totally bananas (It’s getting late folks)




Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Soup. I’m running out of things to say about soups.




Green Curry Soup has some awesome wontons floating around in it.




Lasagna Soup is one of my moms favorite recipes.




Italian Wedding Soup. It’s a classic for a reason.




Beef and Broccoli Soup tastes like chineese takeout.

Dan’s Favorites

Just a simple Broccoli Soup but the flavor is so concentrated that I loved it and it changed the way I cook with broccoli forever.



Shepherds Pie Soup is a newer addition to the list, and it made me realize people hate when you call something “Shepherds Pie” and don’t use lamb.



Vegan Chili is from a favorite restaurant of mine which no longer exists and it is one of my favorite recipes of all time.



I made this Sweet Potato Fish Chowder a long time ago and I still remember how amazing it was.



Persian Wedding Soup is another new one, but it really deserves it’s spot in the favorites list.



Beef and Onion Soup is a bro week recipe that was really easy to make and super tasty.



Summer Dreamin’ Soup has homemade BBQ sauce as the broth!




The deep flavors of this Habanero Corn Pork Chili will go down amongst a few friends as the best chili I ever made for years to come.



Tortellini Soup is a handed down family recipe that is dear to my heart and one of my favorite meals every Christmas.



Mac and cheese Soup is a pig out meal at it’s best.




My families Pasta Fagioli recipe is apparently different from most other versions, but I don’t care cause it is my favorite soup of all time.