30 Burgers from The Food in my Beard

It’s not exactly burger season right now, but who cares? Burgers are amazing for any time of the year! In fact, I had a burger about 5 minutes ago. For me, burgers are like pizza, in that even a bad burger is good. Some of these burgers are gourmet high end sandwiches, while others are as divey as it gets. Enjoy and let me know which burger you want to try.


But first, a little burger philosophy


Shepherds Pie Burgers. One of my most popular posts, with surprisingly no commentary on lamb vs beef.



Double Bacon Waffle Burger. Cramazing is the only way to describe this one.



Mac and Cheese stuffed burgers. This one was posted yesterday in the mac and cheese roundup too… Still delicious.



Indian Smokehouse Burger. One of my signature dishes.




Satay Burger.  Peanut sauce is surprisingly delicious on a burger.




Cheeseburger Slider Steamed Buns. Asian meets American Comfort. And they have delicious babies.



Sesame Crusted Burgers with Wasabi Mayo. This tasty burger was created by cleaning out my pantry.



Cuban Burgers. A twist on a classic.




Caprese Burger. tomato, basil, mozzarella, and deliciousness.




Frank-In-Burger!  This isn’t exactly a burger, but it isn’t exactly a hot dog either.



Falafel Burger. Falafel makes for a great vegetarian patty.




Buffalo Turkey Burger.




5 Napkin Burger. A simple burger with amazing flavors.




Fried Pickled Jalapeno Burgers.




Butternut Squash Homemade Mustard on a Brussel Sprout Burger.




Banh Mi Burger.




Lamb Sliders.




Fried Dough Burgers. Just some burgers with fried dough as the bun. No big deal.



Olive Tuna Burgers. Tuna burgers are awesome!




Tuna Burgers with an Asian Slaw. No really, tuna burgers are awesome.




Bacon Pineapple Jalapeno Burgers, And Habanana Burgers.




Burger and Fries Sliders. Fries as the bun!




Surf and Turf Burgers. So classy




Beach Burgers. One of the few posts where I flash some skin.




Sliders. Just plain sliders. This is an older post but I still make sliders like this all the time.



Taco Burgers. Mandi’s favorite burger.




Huge Burgers. About 5 pounds each!




Red Curry Burgers.




Cheeseburger Ravioli Burger. This is THE burger right here.