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18 Pop Culture Recipes from The Food in my Beard


I love it when I can work in some TV and Music references into my recipes, but it's pretty hard sometimes without forcing it. Most of the music I listen to doesn't exactly talk about food all the time. Food isn't what they cook on Breaking Bad.  Nucky Thompson isnt usually raving about the meals at Babettes Supper Club.  Sometimes though, I can actually nail it, and these are those times. Ps, 1/3 of these are Beastie Boy related. 



Meatloaf for the premiere of Mad Men


Kung Pao Shrimp for the premiere of Curb your Enthusiasm.


Jerk Chicken Lasagna from Workaholics.


Rum Ham from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


A BBQ Feast For the Top Chef Finale.


Pickles for Portlandia.


2 ft. Party Skin for Delocated



Buffalo Chicken Ravioli for Sleigh Bells.


Black Treacle Salmon for the Arctic Monkeys.


Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Soup for Kate Nash.


Lemon Pepper Wings and a Freeze Cup for Major Lazer, La Roux, and Gucchi Mane.


Lasagna Timpano for Tune-Yards. One of my most popular posts!

Beastie Boys


Pear and Goat Cheese Pannekoeken


Red Curry Falafel with Basil and Carrot Raita.


Mint Julep


Spicy Sauteed Cucumbers.


Baked Alaskan


MCA's Pasta with Pesto


Yes! I Love the Lasagna Timpano and the Lemon Pepper Wings and a Freeze Cup posts. This is a great Friday wrap-up post. More music and food ones soon. OK?

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