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January 2013 Archives

18 Pop Culture Recipes from The Food in my Beard


I love it when I can work in some TV and Music references into my recipes, but it's pretty hard sometimes without forcing it. Most of the music I listen to doesn't exactly talk about food all the time. Food isn't what they cook on Breaking Bad.  Nucky Thompson isnt usually raving about the meals at Babettes Supper Club.  Sometimes though, I can actually nail it, and these are those times. Ps, 1/3 of these are Beastie Boy related. 

30 Burgers from The Food in my Beard


It's not exactly burger season right now, but who cares? Burgers are amazing for any time of the year! In fact, I had a burger about 5 minutes ago. For me, burgers are like pizza, in that even a bad burger is good. Some of these burgers are gourmet high end sandwiches, while others are as divey as it gets. Enjoy and let me know which burger you want to try.

29 Mac and Cheeses from The Food in my Beard


5 Years ago today, The Food in my Beard was born. It seems like it all went by so fast, but at the same time, I can't really remember a time when I wasn't blogging.  So that's reason I have been doing the roundups all week. Honestly I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with mac and cheese. As always, I just want to say a big thanks! You guys are why I do this. Thanks for sticking around all these years, and I promise to make this one the best ever.

46 Pizzas From The Food in my Beard

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Whether it's hosting a pizza party for 40 people, or just popping a few pies in the oven for you and a loved one, pizza is easily one of my favorite things to make and eat. Just like with the soups yesterday, I was sort of shocked by how many pizzas I've made over the years. My favorite pizza is still one of the most basic - Salami and Arugula. What's yours?

50 Soups from The Food in my Beard

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Because it's been so freezing out (and TOTALLY NOT because I failed to make a soup this week), I have decided to do a roundup of every soup I've ever made for this week's soup monday. Turns out I've made a ton of soups you guys! I've organized this list into types of meat or veggies used, with a special favorites section down below. Hopefully you can make one of these soon. Stay warm!

Crispy Cheese Gnocchi with Spicy Ketchup


It makes sense to dip your gnocchi in ketchup since gnocchi is made of mostly potato. But these weren't just any gnocchi, they were marbled with a sharp cheddar, and perfumed with a splash of truffle oil. And it wasn't just your ordinary ketchup either, it was fortified with some garlic and olive oil, and spiked with a nice hit of sriracha. These cheese gnocchi were nice and crispy on the outside, but extremely delicate and soft on the inside and exploding with flavor on every bite.

Breakfast Nachos


There is a traditional breakfast dish in mexico called chilaquiles which basically is soggy breakfast nachos. I decided to make my own version of breakfast nachos, but shred any sense of authenticity and just make them my way. They came out way better than I expected, and I would recommend this dish to anyone, especially next time you happen to be hungover. I could imagine this being served for 15 bucks at your local uptight gastropub brunch.

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Bacon Stout Dip

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It's hard to figure out what to dip chocolate tortilla chips into. But if you spill your stout beer onto your chips, it's easy to realize that it's a good taste combo. And if all else fails, there is always bacon. Check out my easy Bacon Stout Dip recipe on Tablespoon

Chili Pot Pie


Chili tastes great with cornbread. Pot Pie is one of the most comforting dishes in history. I had the idea to combine the two, and it was a great success! We had this chili pot pie on a Friday night after a long work week and it really hit the spot.  I wasn't even sure if the muffin recipe would work. I really wanted them to pop almost like a souffle, so I beat the egg whites before folding them into the batter. I also added a bunch of cheddar. I guess I got lucky, cause the cornbread was some of the tastiest we all had ever had. The steam from the chili helped keep the bread nice and moist as it cooked.

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Pierogi Lasagna


I've been obsessed with potato based sauces the past few weeks, and even made a few that I didn't put up here. It all culminated with this amazing potato lasagna that tastes like a pierogi with every bite. Each layer of noodle gave way to a thick, creamy, cheesy cloud of potato deliciousness.

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Drunken Scallops


There are two Thai places in my new neighborhood, and I have been trying them both out so I can choose sides. I think it's important when there are 2 similar places near where you live to be vehemently against one of them. Right now if you ask me, I think they are both ok. Once I make my final decision for one or the other though, if you like the one that I don't like, your opinion on Thai food will be forever devalued in my mind. Doing all this sampling made me want to cook up some Thai, as evidenced by today and Mondays posts, so I fried up these drunken noodles the other night that were heavy on scallop and ginger flavor. My favorite Thai place in the neighborhood might turn out to be my own kitchen!

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Chicken and Dumplings With a Little Thai Flavor


I have been meaning to make a twist on the American classic of chicken and dumplings for a while but couldn't really put my finger on which way I should go with it. I finally settled for a Thai influenced version and it came out great. It was like eating a perfect chicken stew, but with slightly more complex flavors, and a nice little punch of heat. Seems like everyone has a cold (or worse) right now, and this soup tastes a lot like antidote to me.

Truffled Potato and Onion Tart


I feel like I've been craving this tart for a few years, but didn't even know what the craving was. I tried to make something like this exactly a year ago, but it just came out weird. I finally nailed it this week. A simple thin shortcrust, a layer of heavily truffled mashed potatoes, some caramelized onion, and a sprinkling of blue cheese on top.

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Roasted Avocado and Black Bean Arepas


When you roast an avocado, the flavor doesn't really change too much, but the water content is drastically reduced, so when you finally mash it, you end up with a much thicker, heartier guacamole. This was the basis of an arepa sandwich I made earlier this week in an attempt to cut meat out of my diet for a few days. This avocado and black bean sandwich was a filling, delicious alternative to a meatier and less healthy alternative I would have eaten that night.


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This classic South American treat is literally cornmeal mixed with mashed plantains and cheese. So basically, as you could imagine, it's amazing. Try out my Mandocas recipe on Tablespoon

Celery Root and Kale Soup


Celery root has a nice sweetness that really comes out in this soup. It seems like it's diet time for everyone I know, and this soup fits the bill for a hearty delicious dinner that is really good for you. Happy soup Monday!

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Breakfast Lasagna


This breakfast lasagna was sort of a revelation for me. Layers upon layers of pasta and egg with a creamy sausage gravy as the sauce. You should probably wait til after this weekend to start that New Years resolution. Make this Breakfast Lasagna from Tablespoon first.

Moving Day Pasta


Mandi and I moved into a new apartment yesterday, and for the first time in three and a half years, the kitchen is MY kitchen. I won't be sharing the space with any family members or roomates with whom I am of varying degrees of closeness with. I can set it up just how I want, and include an area for taking perfect photos. I couldn't wait to cook in my new kitchen, so just like this day four and a half years ago, the first thing we unpacked was the pots and pans and we ran to our local store. We even made the same dish we made that day, because it is very easy and comforting. Unlike the cellphone pics I took in the dark that day, the pictures I took came out great. I can only imagine all the memorable meals that will come out of this kitchen.

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