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Pomegranate Orange Salsa

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The salsa of the month at Cafe Burrito in December is Pomegranate-Orange. The flavor and texture of this salsa is like none I have ever tasted before. The way the seeds pop in your mouth while you munch on a burrito is really a unique sensation! If you wanna try it, you better come in soon, because the distributor told me pomegranate season ends early this year and they don't expect to have them in stock after Christmas.

Step one is to gather the seeds. To do this, give the pomegranates to your friend with crazy sleeve tats. I THOUGHT I had a secret trick for doing this super fast, but apparently Martha Stewart blabbed it to the whole internet last week so it's no longer secret. Just cut the pom top off, shave off about half of the shell, hold it in your hand open side down, stick your hand in a large zip lock, and beat the pomegranate with the back of a spoon. All the seeds will come flying out. Like this.

This salsa is awesome!

Make this in the next few weeks, or come in and try it.

3 pomegranates
5 oranges
2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
1 clove garlic
1/2 a small red onion

1 Comment

Dan! Kinda crazy that you posted just about Cafe Burrito today because regardless of what the post was I was going to comment that I'm visiting in early january and I definitely want to stop by the cafe. Yayy, can't wait

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