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Paprika Lamb and Cous Cous Stew

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Before Lava Lake Lamb sent me these lamb short ribs, I hadn't even known that that cut existed. I mean, sure lamb chops I've seen plenty, but these short ribs behaved just like their beef counterpart, only with less meat on the bones. I was excited to get to work with them, because beef short ribs are one of my favorite cuts of meat. For my first test I decided to do something simple with a long slow cook so I didn't have to worry about precise times and temperatures.

I seared the ribs before throwing in the rest of the ingredients for the broth.

Onion, carrot, celery, garlic, lamb, and oregano.

After several hours, the ribs are nice and tender and the stock is rich and flavorful.

Now that the stock is made and the lamb is cooked, lets build the soup. Some more carrot and onion, because you can never get enough really.

The stock goes in followed by the shredded lamb.

Lots of paprika gives this soup a dramatic red color.

Cooked cous cous is the last thing to go in.

The flavors on this were much simpler than many of the things I make, and because of this the quality of the lamb and lamb flavor really came through to the final dish. It was simple, warm, brothy, and comforting.

The last day to order from Lava Lake Lamb for Christmas delivery is December 17th.

I took a pound and a half of lamb ribs and seared them in a dutch oven, removed them, and sauteed some onion carrot and celery in its juices. Add the ribs back in with any accumulated juices, a sprig of oregano, and a few garlic cloves, and cover with water, Toss the whole thing covered into the oven at 275 for 5 hours.

Later on, fish out the ribs, then strain the broth and reserve it. Pick through the ribs shredding any meat and discarding the fat, gristle, and bone. Skim the fat and impurities off the stock, and taste to be sure it picked up enough flavor. You may need to reduce it a little if it tastes bland.

To build the soup, saute an onion and a carrot for a few minutes, then toss in a few cloves of garlic. Add in the lamb stock, shredded lamb, and a can of small pink beans. Bring to a simmer. Meanwhile in a separate pot cook a cup of israeli cous cous according to package instructions. Add 1/4 cup of paprika to the simmering soup and stir well. Remove from heat and add the cooked cous cous, and about a cup of sour cream.

Happy soup Monday!

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