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Fiery Navel


When I had all those habaneros a few weeks back, I stuffed a bunch into a bottle of vodka and let them just sit there for awhile. Finally I used the fiery vodka in a cocktail this past weekend. I know that habaneros go really well with peach, so I based the drink on that pairing. The most famous peach drink is the fuzzy navel, and the habanero kick almost seemed like a natural addition to this classic drink.

I used tangerenes instead of oranges just because they looked better at the store that day.

I made sure to seed the habaneros well before adding them to the vodka. I did about 15 seeded habs and let it sit almost 3 weeks. The other ingredients are fresh tangerine juice, peach schnapps, and soda water.

Super refreshing with a nice kick to keep things interesting!

This drink would sell for 15 bucks at an upscale bar/restaurant in Boston. I wanted to call this drink the firecrotch but my friends advised me against it...


I wish I had a giant glass of this right now! (Yes, it is barely lunch time and I already want a strong cocktail...)

I almost like the "firecrotch" name a little better =)

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