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Shepherds Pie Soup


Finally I can give my mouth and stomach a break from all that spicy food last week! It's soup Monday yet again, and this week I have a nice and easy one for you guys. This was the most comforting soup I've had in awhile. I mean, what's not to like in this big bowl of potato, beef, corn, peas, and carrots? I believe it is supposed to be raining this afternoon here in Massachusetts, and I think this soup will be just the thing to help you through that rainy Monday funk.

Potatoes and stock in a nice big pot.

Meanwhile, brown the beef.

After the beef, do the onion and carrot.

When the potatoes are tender, process until smooth.

Final veggies go right in.

The perfect consistency.

I love this soup.

Make this tonight!

5 lb bag of potatoes, minus one large potato
2 boxes of chicken stock
1 lb ground beef
2 cups frozen corn
1 cup frozen peas
1 large onion
2 or 3 carrots
half cup of grated cheese

Chop the potatoes and put them into a pot with the stock. Cook until the potatoes are tender, then puree until smooth. Meanwhile, cook the beef and remove from the pan. Cook the carrot and onion for about 10 minutes. Add the beef and veggies to the purreed potatoes, and toss in the frozen onion and peas. Mix well and serve once everything is nice and hot.


This looks so amazing! Yum Yum. Want to make this soon- I love shepards pie and have never thought of making it into a soup! I love your creative thinking! Keep it up!

Do you drain the potatoes before blending or blend with water?

"5 lb bag of potatoes, minus one large potato"

What do you do with that extra potato?

Perfect! I have chicken stock that needs to be used this month and here's a great recipe to do just that. Thank you!

FYI technically this is a cottage pie soup (given it's beef mince), it would be shepherd's pie soup if it were made with lamb mince.


Everything about this bowl of soup screams comfort!

looks good! kudos from France ;0)

You know...this is awesome!

Making it tonight, I was lazy and left the potatoe peels on after a thorough scrubbing. I then added a bit of heavy cream to make it a bit thicker because I didn't have quite enough potatoe. I also opted for beef stock. Very good stuff. Will make again.

Dear America,

Stop making shepherds pie with beef. Shepherds pie is made with LAMB, hence the name, shepherd. It can be made with a mix of lamb and beef, but not really. A pie made with beef should have a pie crust top, and is a COTTAGE pie. 'Cos the pastry is like the roof on a cottage. Or something.

Love England.

Just for cooking newbies out there:

Cook the carrot with a bit of oil before you cook it with onion, the carrots take longer to cook than the onion.

ADD GARLIC! (when you add the onion) Garlic is awesome, dont go without!

Make sure you taste as you go, this did'nt have any salt or pepper added so you will need to adjust for your own tastes, I salt/peppered the meat when it cooked and then added a bit more salt/pepper as the soup cooked. (yes the stock has sodium in it, but its not enough, this is very bland without salt)

And to Kate from England, next time make your podium taller, no one here gives a crap if the NAME of the dish is off...we cant help it if most of you were serfs, peasants, indentured servants who didn't have access to beef (or anything decent) when shepherds pie was invented...

Honestly if anyone has ever eaten in England they know the truth, the food sucks :P



P.S. America encompasses more than just the US, people from South America take great offense to being lumped in with us Yanks.

OK, I don't know what I'll call it, but I am going to do this with leftover Thanksgiving turkey (obviously I am not English) instead of beef. We'll have to call it Gobbler Pie Soup or something like that.

What a great idea! All the flavors in a soup. Need to try this soon.

Not to continue the meat argument, but the Oxford English Dictionary defines shepherds pie as 'a dish of minced meat under a layer of mashed potato'. If you Google the term, you will find that cottage pie is a more recent term and the stories of the origin of the meaning could just be folklore.

Is there a way to cook this if you don't have a stick processor?

I used a regular processor and put the mixture back in the pan when it came to the right consistency. And to "English food sucks" Ever have an original fish and chip in Bathe, England. If not do not say it sucks until you can indulge in that.

Just finished making this soup. IT'S GREAT!
Super tasty and pretty healthy too.

I am Mum used to make "Shepherds Pie" once a week. It always had mince meat in it. Maybe cuz we couldn't afford lamb...who cares? It's fabulous and that's all that matters. BTW..."English Food Sucks"... I don't know where you ate when/if you were there but I've had some majorly memorable meals there! Try again :)

Toss in the frozen onion?? Was that supposed to be corn? Or is there actually a need for frozen onion? (I'm going to the store tomorrow to get the ingredients!!)

should be corn not onion

I stumbled upon this recipe today and just had to make it. I always try the recipe as is then change the second time I make it. I absolutely loved this. I can't wait to make this again!

Excellent soup!
I ended up with a ton left over. Has anyone tried freezing it?
Hoping it'll defrost with minimal flavor loss/damage...

I'm so glad I found this! I did kind of over load on the veggies, but still came out tasting amazing.

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