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Lamb Tenderloin with Bacon Polenta (Giveaway)


Thanksgiving is a big week for me with lots of family and social obligations, lots of drinking, and of course lots of cooking. Because of that, I won't be posting again until next week. I'm going to be busy making tortellini and meat stuffing, amongst other things. What are you guys making? If you tell me in the comments, you could win 50 bucks to Lava Lake Lamb! Yup, I'm actually doing a giveaway. The people over at Lava Lake Lamb were so nice to send me over some lamb to try out and they even threw in a 50 dollar gift card for one lucky reader.

If you DO win the gift card, you should probably make this awesome lamb tenderloin with bacon polenta. The lamb came out so tender we were all cutting it with our forks! I actually cleaned out my fridge the day I made this and ended up just throwing a bunch of random ingredients into the polenta, but luckily it all meshed perfectly and paired great with the lamb.

I didn't realize lamb tenderloin was so small!

I did sort of a half marinade, half rub on this. For the marinade half, there was garlic, vinegar, honey, and worcestershire, and for the rub half there was cumin, coriander, mustard, and allspice. I roasted these at a very high heat, but the grill would work great too.

Bacon, peppers, and corn to start the polenta, then milk and chicken stock.

Thickening up. Paprika gave this polenta a nice orange hue.

Elegant yet easy and oh so delicious.

The fork tender lamb was earthy from the spices and went great with the smokey polenta

Bacon was a crucial accent.

The Mari-rub (rubinade?) for the lamb was:
1/4 cup worcestershire
2 tablespoons red vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon coriander
1/2 teaspoon mustard
1/2 teaspoon allspice
4 cloves garlic (grated)
Mix the ingredients together to form an almost half rub half marinade. Marinate the lamb in this mixture unrefrigerated for an hour or so. Crank your oven as high as it goes and cook until you get an internal temp of 135 for med-rare. Mine were small and only took 8 minutes. You could also grill these and they would be equally awesome.

The polenta was:
2 cups cornmeal
5 cups milk
2 cups chicken stock
1 cup white wine
5 slices of thick cut bacon
1 red pepper
1/2 cup corn
3 cloves garlic
a handful of parsley
2 tablespoons paprika
1/4 cup goat cheese
1/4 cup parm
1 tablespoon butter
Chop up the bacon and cook it on a med-high heat until browned and crispy. Remove the bacon from the pan but keep the fat. Cook the pepper for a few minutes and add the corn. Next add the garlic. Add all the liquids and stir. Bring to a simmer and reduce heat. Whisk in the cornmeal. Add the parsley. Simmer and stir often until thickened and the cornmeal is cooked and tender. If it seems to thick, add a few splashes of milk. Remove from heat and stir in the chese and butter. Serve and top with the bacon.

The ingredients for this polenta are all over the place because it was sort of a clean out the fridge type dinner, but it came out super tasty. Feel free to play around with the different cooking liquids and ingredients.

So just tell me what you are making this week whether it be for Thanksgiving or otherwise, and I will randomly choose one winner to get a 50 dollar gift card to Lava Lake Lamb.  You need to post your comment BEFORE Thanksgiving day.  If you have trouble commenting as some people do (my comment app can be finicky on older browsers), just shoot me an email and I will put your name in the hat.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Going to try Bourbon-glazed yams this year.

the lamb looks amazing! the polenta made a beautiful background.
This thanksgiving I'm brining the turkey for the first time (simple brine), making my all-time/best ever fresh cranberry salad (with cut up oranges and granny smiths), my mom's famous (out-of bird) stuffing, butternut squash soup and a chocolate cream cheesecake. That's all I have planned so far.. :)

I'm in charge of a pumpkin chai custard-pie this year, but I think I'll whip up a chorizo corn bread stuffing as well

I am responsible for appetizers! Not quite sure yet what I am going to make. Artichoke dip annnnnnnnd.....

We're mail-ordering most of our Thanksgiving this year - but I am baking a pie.

I'm making Jamie Oliver's wicked awesome turkey that's got bacon-wrapped garlic and rosemary in the legs, and a pork/thyme stuffing under the skin. So good! Plus rolls and cranberry salsa and I'm sure something else I'm forgetting. Potatoes?

Well, I'm going untraditional this Thanksgiving; Roast Orange Herb Chicken with Pear Gravy, Butternut Mac n Cheese and a Roasted Broccoli Apple Salad. For dessert, a Sweet Potato Pie.

Veinsctually been mulling over a lamb recipe for the last few days that I wanted to do. Pan roasted jerk lamb chops, with roasted poblano, black bean and mango salsa, on a bed of arugula with orange vinaigrette.
Never really been one for turkey, too many people get hung up on the veins and tendons.

I'm making your green curry enchiladas into appetizers for a happy hour with my friends. (Those enchiladas are awesome!) Can't wait!

No one cooks except my mom - she's Italian. ;) But the weekend after begins the cookie-baking season! And for that I am both grateful and excited. (Because I've been given title to bake something. See, Italian mother, above.)

I am going to give the turducken a go, this will be the third year that I am going to make it. This year I will wrap each bird in bacon.

With the in-laws this year, so whole wheat chocolate croissants for brunch, upside down apple pie, and maybe turkey gumbo with leftovers

We are having a roast chicken for a small key Thanksgiving at our house. Huge Friendsgiving will follow next week.

And we LOVE lamb!!

My parents, brother-in-law, and sister are doing most all of the cooking for Thanksgiving Day - traditional stuff. I'll contribute in the morning by making omelets for everyone.

Planning a pumpkin pie...a first for me.

Post-Thanksgiving, as I won't actually be with my family to help prep the meal on Thanksgiving day, I'll be treating my family to Asian meatball subs with hoisin mayonnaise, one of our favorite meals. I'm also hoping to be able to make your everything bagel mac n cheese this week, too!

Im making a green bean casserole but I am going to add goat cheese and bacon to it!

I'm going to make a cranberry upside down cake!

For Thanksgiving, we're making everything from scratch: homemade potato chips, asparagus salad, bread stuffing, a spicy turducken, homemade elderflower beer, homemade mulled spice soda, and for dessert a pumpkin pie with cold brewed Dunkin Donuts coffee cocktails. Did i mention there's only four of us?

We decided to do a very traditional menu this year but do it entirely from scratch. No canned stock, cranberries, quick rise buns. Nein! Nein! Nein! Not even the crispy onions on top of the ever present green bean casserole will be from a can!

First year hosting. I'm making a turkey roulade, buttermilk yeasted biscuits, pickled green beans, green salad, cranberry chutney, gravy, baked brie, homebrew, and a signature holiday cocktail. Others are in charge of the rest. Best. Holiday. Ever.

We're making Turkey and homemade cranberry sauce, but we're adding habanero! Gonna kick that tryptophan in the face!

This definitely sounds like a dish we'd serve at the restaurant! Well done, Dan! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving =)

I am cooking a roast turkey with a pancetta, pecan, pear, cornbread stuffing. Cranberry/orange relish, sweet potato souffle, mashed red potatoes, french green beans sauted in olive oil and garlic, sweet corn, pillsbury ctrscent rolls, and baked apple/cranberry pie with either french vanilla or ginger ice cream and an organic pumpkin pie with a hint of chai spices. I enjoy making my own recipes by taking ingredients from several recipes and voila Thanksgiving Dinner!

I'm making the mashed potatoes, green beans (with bacon and onion), pumpkin cheesecake, and cranberry chutney this year. More than I usually make so I'm nervous but excited!!

Making cantaloupe sorbet (I always get a request for a frozen dessert, regardless of any other desserts) and roasted mixed root vegetables. Plus some random other thing for Friendsgiving later (maybe fennel, onion, and apple pie; my CSA hath bestowed much fennel upon me).

I am cooking all the thanksgiving accompaniments. AND I just finished a batch of pickled peppers inspired by your pickled habaneros!

We favor ham over turkey (better leftovers, for one - at least IMHO). Bone-in, shank end... and I'll be slowly bringing that bad boy up to temp in a foil packet with some applejack, followed by a Dr. Pepper glaze that'll have some homemade beer mustard.

Sides are garlic smashed potatoes, "Thanksgiving Casserole" (which is probably a hand-me-down from the back of a box of Jiffy cornbread mix), sweet and sour carrots, yeast rolls... and possibly something green.

Tres leches cake, sugar cream pie and pumpkin dip for the sweets.

Jolly Pumpkin beers and Sierra Nevada's 'Celebration Ale' to drink. CHEERS! Tom

Cooked carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. The carrots are for me :)

Wednesday night I'm making a tomato and Sausage risotto from Smitten Kitchen, a great recipe I've made many times.

Thanksgiving will have the usual suspects of turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy, but my beau and I are making a spinach/Gruyere stuffing, a sweet potato and honey yeast bread braid, what I call my fancy-schmancy green bean casserole, and a cranberry apple crumb pie for dessert.

I'm bringing the appetizers, so proscuitto, capicolla and mortadella meats, a mix of olives, artichoke hearts and baby mozarella. For dinner I am bringing along some wedding kielbasa to add to the traditional foods. Between all the above my fridge smells heavenly oh I want to eat everything all the time.

I'm making a thanksgiving themed chili and mini thanksgiving Mac and cheese cups with a cranberry goat cheese topped with a stuffing crust. For dessert I'm making a pumpkin cheesecake. All accompanied by drunken apple coder margaritas. I'm tired of traditional thanksgiving dinners.

I'm making a pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust. My mom is in charge of all the big items, and the rest of the family each bring something to supplement the meal.

I've been asked to make bread for the family meal. I'll probably try either the curry coconut apple bread (yeast raised) or the grain-free fresh ginger bread (quick bread) my sister suggested to me. Which one will depend on how much time & energy I have before Thanksgiving dinner.

Leek and potato soup is my contribution to the Thanksgiving feast this year.

I'm on a dessert kick so I will be making lemon pound cake and sweet potato pie!

I am making for T-day: Turducken with lamb and andouille stuffing - AS A MUFFIN. Also, sweet potato pie casserole, mash potato, gravy, and onion casserole.

Have a good T-day!!

The whole traditional schabang! Turkey, stuffing, mashed, squash, peas, carrots, onions, 4 pies, and lots more! That along with 10 people in my tiny apartment couldn't get me more excited!

Making smoked Gouda and pork belly mashed Yukon gold potatoes. Delish!

I'm making the green bean casserole from scratch. Then I'm doing the Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie from your Tablespoon friend.

This year I am cooking my very first turkey. In the past I have just done ham. I am also making green bean casserole, scallop potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

I'm making the sweet potato rolls from Macheesmo and an apple pie! then over to grandma's house for a deep fried turkey!

I am making Turkey, candied sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce and pecan pie!