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Cranberry Mustard Broccoli


I've been craving the flavors of broccoli and mustard, so I set out to make this side dish consisting of just that. While I refuse to call this one a failure, it wasn't exactly the most delicious thing I've ever made. I really liked the deep bitter notes that the baked mustard and broccoli brought to the table, but the two people I ate with did not. I think the problem was that I made the mustard in the morning and used it on the broccoli that night. Mustard seed is really bitter at first but mellows out in the vinegar as time passes. I tried my mustard today and it was much less bitter!

I mixed dried cranberries into the mustard. Like some kind of mustard has started to evolve.

Then just tossed the broccoli in it. Like some kind of mustard was swallowing it whole.

Some diced onion rounded out the dish. Bake at 450 for about 10 minutes. Is it just mustard keeping it afloat?

A little bitter for most, like some kind of mustard was taking control...

If you made your mustard a day early, I think it would be much better.

Most of the time when I make mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mus-mus-tard, I do a twist on this recipe. This time I left out the turmeric, brown sugar, and garlic powder, and instead added a half cup of honey and some dried cranberries. I also like to leave my mustard seed a bit more whole. After I made the mustard, I just tossed some broccoli in it with diced onion and baked it at 450 for about 10 minutes.


Still seems promising. I always put mustard in my cheddar broccoli soups. The cranberry seems odd, but I put dried apricot on brussels sprouts, so it can't be much different.

Sounds good to me! Definitely love the cranberries in there - perfect for Thanksgiving =)

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