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October 2012 Archives

Korean Pork Baked Beans


Baked beans are crazy filling, super flavorful, and very easy. 3 things that I am really looking for at this time of the year. This recipe makes a nice big pot of beans perfect for taking to work the next day or having as late night snacks. I even used it as omelet filling one morning! One bowl of these is stick to your ribs comforting on a cold October evening.

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Bourbon Chicken with Pickled Corn Relish

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I honestly didn't know that bourbon chicken was a well known fast food dish when I set out to make this recipe. I think it's better that I didn't know because their version dosn't have any bourbon in it. Spoiler alert: my Bourbon Chicken recipe on Tablespoon has bourbon in it. Lots.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup


Today's entry for soup Monday is crazy easy and insanely delicious, but it hinges on having homemade stock ready to go. If you make this with store bought stock, it will still taste good, but won't be quite as amazing. Most of the soups I make are loaded with flavors, so using store bought stock is just fine, but this one doesn't have many ingredients so they need to be the best they can possibly be.

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Cranberry Mustard Broccoli


I've been craving the flavors of broccoli and mustard, so I set out to make this side dish consisting of just that. While I refuse to call this one a failure, it wasn't exactly the most delicious thing I've ever made. I really liked the deep bitter notes that the baked mustard and broccoli brought to the table, but the two people I ate with did not. I think the problem was that I made the mustard in the morning and used it on the broccoli that night. Mustard seed is really bitter at first but mellows out in the vinegar as time passes. I tried my mustard today and it was much less bitter!

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Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

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When I used to make gelato, this flavor was a staple of the season. Now that my gelato company is no more, I can finally share the recipe with you guys! Try out my Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream recipe on Tablespoon.  I made a double batch and have been eating it all week!

Mac and Cheese Soup


Soup Mondays continue this week with two of my favorite foods becoming one amazing bowl-o-soup. I mean seriously people, how have I not made this before now??? I basically made a simple mac and cheese recipe, but made a smaller roux and used a little extra liquid to make this mac and cheese soup super brothy yet still insanely cheesy and comforting. This was probably the most rich and hearty soup I have ever had. I was full after only a bowl and a half! My intention with this soup Mondays series is for you guys to ACTUALLY make the soups Monday night to help ease you into the cold Autumn work-week. I know at least one person made last Mondays soup that night, any takers on this baby?

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Tamale Red Curry

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As with most of my strange food mashups, this one started with not being able to decide if I wanted to eat tamales or Thai for dinner. Why not just make a Thai curry and toss some tamales in there? But not just any tamales, some tasty smaller ones with a pocket full of beef on the inside.

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Jello Bubble Tea

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I made this fun and different version of bubble tea using jello instead of tapioca. The flavor was green tea with lime and had raspberry bubbles. Check out the Jello Bubble Tea recipe on Tablespoon.

Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Soup


I'm so glad that it's finally soup weather again. I could eat soup every day! I especially like soup on a cold dreary Monday when the weekend felt a little too short. Something easy to put together that can really make you feel better! That being said, I am going to institute soup Mondays on the blog starting today and lasting for at least a couple weeks but probably longer. Today's soup is a hearty and healthy one that was much needed after the fry-fest known as fair food week last week.

Fried Cookies

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Fried Oreos have become a fair staple, and for good reason. The cookie becomes soft and warm and the whole thing eats like a tasty donut. I made these at home last week along with some fried versions of the cookie formerly known as samoas. We couldn't decide which we liked better because they were both so awesome.

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PB+J Funnel Cake


Round these parts we don't have funnel cake at the fair. I grew up a fried dough kid. In fact, I never even had funnel cake until I cooked it for this post. I had someone with me that confirmed that it was in fact what funnel cake was supposed to taste like. I'll tell you this much though, I'm NOT a convert. It was good and all, but fried dough is way better. Dipping it in these fun peanut butter and jelly sauces was a nice consolation though.

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Fried Lasagna


It seems as though they are always trying to fry something new each year at these fairs. I guess the big one this year was lasagna because multiple friends of mine asked me how I would go about frying lasagna while The Big E was in town. After suggesting a recipe to a few people, I decided to actually try it myself! It came out crazy good. Much better than just a fried ravioli.

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Rhode Island Style Clam Cakes


I never liked seafood growing up, but the one "seafood" I ate every year was the Rhode Island style Clam Cakes in the Rhode Island state building at the Big E. I say "seafood" in quotes, because they are basically savory donuts with a hint of clam flavor. But they're so good! For my version, I kept them pretty close to the way I remembered, but slightly bumped up the actual fresh clam content and flavor. Only slightly!

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Double Bacon Waffle Burger


For the past few years, the big news in fair food has been the donut burger. You know, just a bacon cheeseburger with a glazed donut as the bun. This year, my good friend finally ate the donut burger and told me that it was nothing great. A few hours later he was walking by an unassuming stand for a local favorite burger shop called the White Hut. In the corner of their stand was a small sign advertising a double bacon cheeseburger that instead had waffles as the bun. He took the bait and decided that it was the best thing at the whole fair! I immediately made one at home after feeling left out.

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Fair Food Week


As I mentioned earlier this week, it's fair season. The Big E is a huge fair that just wrapped up right near where I grew up, but I didn't get a chance to go at all this year! I was feeling a little left out, so I decided to make a bunch of my favorite foods from the fair, and some that I've never tried! Grab your cholesterol pills, cause next week is fair food week. To hold you over until then, here are some fair foods from the archives.


They only have Red Velvet Chicken Fingers at the fairs in my dreams, but they probably should have them in real life.


Arepanadas is another one they probably SHOULD have but don't


My sister made this crazy recipe for Chili Cheese Corn Dog Fries Many years ago.


These Italian Donuts are basically like spherical fried dough.




Fried Green Tomatoes


Fried Brussel Sprouts


Fried Dough Burgers


Fried Pickles


Fried Ravioli and Mozzarella


I don't know if they have Pierogi at your fair, but they have them at mine.


Soft Pretzels

See you all next week for more fair food goodness!

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Everything Bagel Mac and Cheese


As I explained this idea to people, they didn't seem to really get it. I say what's not to get? Cream cheese sauce, bagel breadcrumbs, and everything spice running through the pasta. Seemed like a pretty logical idea to me. The only thing was that I didn't think I would be able to really drive home the everything bagel flavor in the final dish. The good news is that in the end, this mac and cheese really screamed everything bagel. All of the elements melded perfectly to form exactly what you would expect out of everything bagel mac and cheese.

Red Velvet Ravioli


This is fair food at it's finest. Hope you guys like fair food, cause I have a whole bunch more coming soon, but more about that on Friday. For now, check out the crazy Red Velvet Ravioli recipe on Tablespoon.

Albondigas and Biscuits


By any definition, I am an adult. I am 29 years old. A mature, educated male with a full time job and other adult type responsibilities. Yet one of my favorite activities is to get together with my other adult friends for what we call a "PBDP", or Perler Bead Dinner Party. This is where we make a nice dinner, and afterwards we all make video game characters out of perler beads. You know, perler beads. Those little round plastic things you maybe played with as a kid? The ones you use an iron to melt and stick together. We made this delicious stew at the most recent PBDP. It was a hearty stick to your ribs twist on the classic albondigas soup. Then I made a magikoopa out of perler beads.

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