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Potato Chip and Caramel Rice Krispies Treats


I think that these rice krispies treats were actually the biggest hit at the wedding. At least they were amongst my drunk friends as we were all leaving! They were also the easiest thing there. I initially did 2 test runs of these with homemade marshmallow and caramel, and failed both times. Finally for the wedding I gave up and used store bought and they came out amazing.

Marshmallow, caramel, and butter. Cant go wrong.

The rice krispies mixed with potato chips. Also can't go wrong!  I wanna eat this for breakfast with milk.

Pour one into the other.

I made this free-form cause I didn't want to dirty more pans. Plus I didn't have a big enough one anyways.

One huge rice krispy treat!!! I actually rolled it out with wax paper on top and pressed really hard to make sure everything was compact.

Finally a success! I'm SO glad I did a test run cause If I messed these up for the wedding it would have been awful.

1 large box rice krispies
20 oz marshmallows (2 bags usually) 1 stick butter
8.5 oz bag of kettle chips
7 oz of caramel squares

Crunch up the chips and mix them with the cereal. Melt the marshmallows with the caramels and the butter. Allow to cool slightly and pour over the cereal and chip mixture. Mix well. Flatten in a pan and allow to cool for a few hours. Cut into squares and enjoy. Recipe makes a ton.


We're going on a houseboat trip this weekend and these would definitely go over extremely well with my drunken crowd!

I have to know how you melt marshmallows into a liquid like that. My son and I attempted to make rice krispy treats, and we just ended up with a giant marshmallow ball in the saucepan.

What was the weight of the Rice Krispies box you used?


I made these last weekend and just called them "salty caramel treats" - they were AWESOME! I wanted a little extra caramel taste so I drizzled some on top and sprinkled with a little sea salt. No one knew the secret ingredient but they all loved them! Only person requested I never make them again - because he ate about half and knew he'd do it again. =) Thanks! This was my first recipe of yours and it was a hit!

I made these for a Halloween party and they turned out great, everyone loved them! A nice spin on regular rice krispy treats. You have the coolest recipe ideas. I am still talking about the mac and cheese sausage. Thanks for sharing!

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