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Sellout Week


The food company gonna give me lots of money and everythings gonna be allllllllright!

You guys hopefully notice that I don't do a ton of promotional stuff on here. I do write recipes for a large food company that I repost here weekly. I occasionally may mention a restaurant where I happened to get a comped meal, cook with ingredients that were shipped to me, or even review some celebrity chefs knives and get burned in the comments, but for the most part, the recipes that are posted on this website don't mention or feature products.

That's not because people don't want me to. Every few weeks an email comes in like "hey Dan, loooove the title of your website, you should totally make a recipe with this pancake mix we make!" To which I reply "Have you seen my website? Most of my readers can mix flour and baking soda themselves!"

Recently however, I received three nice offers from fun companies that I felt like I could get behind. Free food combined with an inspiration starting point is always an exciting offer to me. I decided to add a fourth product that didn't give me anything free, but I have been loving lately, and make a whole week out of it. You guys know how much I love theme weeks!

So sellout with me all week starting tomorrow.


Excited to see the products you ended up with!

♪ In between sips of Coke, he told me that he thought we were sellin' out, layin' down, suckin' up to the man. Well, now I've got some advice for you, little buddy. Before you point the finger, you should know that I'm the man, and if I'm the man, then you're the man, and he's the man as well... ♪

I have always enjoyed your recipes, blog, etc. daily! Good luck with your "sell out" LOL! Inspiration is a beautiful thing and I love that you share it!
Cheers to you!

Haha, nice Tool reference Rich. Unexpected.

what a sellout! ;)

can't wait to see what you come up with.

Who's Rich? This was the first lyric I thought of when reading this post. It's one of our best songs.

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