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Manchego Biscuits with Prosciutto and Almond Butter


Biscuits have never really been my thing. I mean, they are good, but nothing to write blog about as the saying goes (that's a saying right?)  So I didn't. But recently, two Top Chefs have caused me to rethink my indifference toward biscuits. The first time was at Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston. Tiffani Faison is the chef there, and the biscuits are amazing. Possibly the best in the world according to Forbes. The second time was across the country at ink. in Los Angeles. ink. is Michael Voltaggio's place, and while most things I ate there used modern techniques in crazy and awesome ways, the dish that really blew me away was a simple pairing of berkshire ham, manchego biscuits, almond butter, and just a dab of honey. Everything was just high quality ingredients allowed to shine and the flavors bounced perfectly off one another in my mouth. I took inspiration from both these biscuits, and made a manchego biscuit recipe that closer emulated the texture of Tiffani's, but paired it with the ingredients from Micheal's, and presented it in a way that was totally my own.

Cold cold cold cold cold.

I should probably mention to keep everything COLD.

I filled up the mini muffin tins slightly overflowing.

Get them all in a single swipe.

It's all about balance when you assemble these. Just a small amount of almond butter, and a tiny dab of honey.

Little prosciutto and pop on the top.

Biscuits. I'm sorry for disrespecting you in the past.

2 cups flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons ice cold butter
4 tablespoons cold vegetable shortening
8 oz manchego cheese
1 cup milk

Crumble the manchego in the food processor and remove. No need to clean, just try and get most of it out of there. Place this into the fridge while you are waiting. Cube the butter and measure out the shortening and place these into the fridge as well. In the food processor, pulse the flour, powder, soda, and salt to combine. Add the shortening and butter and pulse until large granules form (about 10 pulses). Add the cheese and pulse 5 more times, then add the cold milk and pulse about 5-10 times just until everything comes together. Spoon this biscuit dough into buttered mini muffin tins, just barely overflowing from the holes. It should make 36. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes until cooked through and about doubled in size. Slice the tops off, and and make a sandwich with a smear of almond butter, dab of honey, and half slice of prosciutto.


That muffin tin trick is genius! I will be stealing that, absolutely.

These were delicious! Love the muffin tin idea!

These were delicious & very unique. Thanks for bringing them over!

what a great idea! We do sweet potato biscuits with manchego and country ham sandwiched in between a lot - but never worked the manchego into the biscuit dough! I just love the almond butter and honey in here too =)

these were great! and i especially love how you used the muffin tin :) great to meet you, and thanks again for the ride home!

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