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Duck Cheesesteaks


The sole reason I was inspired to cook a duck cheesesteak was because I saw shaved duck breast at H-Mart. It's intended to be used shabu shabu style (dipped in a hot pot to cook), but all I could think of when I saw it was cheeseducks! I didn't just want your normal caramelized onions and American cheese to go with this guy, so I added a bit of orange and gruyere to the party.

Segment the orange and collect the remaining juice.

Cook the onions down. To me, this is the best part of any cheesesteak and should be done carefully, slowly, and with attention.

The oranges in for a minute on high, then kill the heat.

Here's that beautiful shaved duck I was talking about. H-Mart has tons of different meats all shaved for shabu including short ribs, brisket, pork belly, and many wagyu varieties. Love that place.

Sear it in batches in a separate pan. There is gonna be lots of fat.

Move the cooked meat into the pan with the onions, leaving most of the fat behind.

Mix the cheese right into the meat.


These duck cheesesteaks were completely decadent, tender, and insanely delicious.  I paired this with a geuze (sour beer) and the tart beverage cut right through the fat.

The meat had a luscious quality to it. Overall it tasted like a normal cheesesteak but with extra tender meat and a duck flavor throughout but not overpowering. The slight hint of orange was the perfect amount to accent the duck.

2 lbs shaved duck breast
3 large onions, sliced
2 oranges, segmented and juiced
1 cup gruyere

Saute the onions in butter until very browned. Turn heat to high and add the oranges. Cook 1 minute and kill the heat. Sear the duck in batches in a separate pan. Drain most of the fat and add the duck to the onions. Mix in the cheese and serve in the buns. This recipe makes enough for 3 real big sandwiches


Mmmmmmm Duck 'n Cheese Subs.
So good. Your description of them is perfect. The duck really is tender and delicious, and the orange and gruyere made these amazing and filled with flavor. The leftovers were just as good.

That looks amazing, Dan. What a great use of duck!

Duck and orange pair perfectly together. Did you hear they are opening H-Mart in Central Square??

Why are you so amazing?? I already love duck as it is but this is just insane!

Ok, you've definitely hit right the nail on the head with this one! I need to find some shaved duck pronto - or do it myself because these look AWESOME!

I love the beef-duck swap...hope you kept all that rendered duck fat!

I want these. That's all.

That's seriously inspired! Love this idea. To H-Mart I go.

philadelphia cheesesteaks are made with cheez wiz, not american cheese.

source: i've lived in or within 50 miles of philly all my life.
go look up pat's'and geno's{pat's is better, geno's is evil}

vivian i was born and raised in philly and spent three years making cheesesteaks for my job. there are THREE acceptable cheeses for a cheesesteak: american, provolone, and wiz. im personally an american cheese girl but wiz is acceptable too. (jim's is better than both pat's and ginos btw) i know this is all a matter of preference based on which shops you frequented in your lifetime, but i just dont want you spreading wiz as the end-all philly option when it is most definitely not!

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