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Avocado Habanero Hot Sauce


In a continuing effort to press the limits of what defines guacamole, I present to you this hot sauce. Based on the Venezuelan sauce known by the silly name "guasacaca", this condiment is loaded with avocado, habanero peppers, and red wine vinegar. There is lots of acid in the recipe, so unlike a traditional guac, it won't go brown 5 minutes after you make it. In fact, I made this on Thursday, and it's still a vibrant green today!  I had it on tacos the day I made it (as pictured) but since then I've eaten it on burgers, in a salad, and on grilled chicken and skirt steak, and it has been fantastic on everything.

I love no-cook sauces.

I poured it all into this jar to save in the fridge for later.

Except for what I was using right away!

This had a nice little burn to it, and the vinegar was perfect in this taco.

Besides the sauce, It's just some chopped radish and onion, a little cheese, and some coffee braised beef, a recipe I have been working on for a burrito shop in the area. More on that later this week!

These tacos hit the spot, and I have to say that the guasacaca is one of the main reasons why. Go ahead and make your crass jokes about the name in the comments, but this hot sauce is awesome.

2 avocados, a lime, a cup of red wine vinegar, a handful of cilantro, a clove of garlic, 5 habaneros- seeds removed, half a red onion, and lots of salt and pepper. Blend till smooth.


Gonna have to do this with the peppers I just harvested from the garden! Once again, you da man, Dan!

I like everything about this sauce. I adore: green sauces, anything spicy, avocados and cilantro! I will be trying this tonight.

I am making this tonight! I love the sound of this and being able to eat spicy avocado's on anything with a simple pour is my idea of heaven! THANK U DAN!

Stumbled upon your page searching for vinegar powder recipes. This one popped up, too! We're gonna try them in the following days, thanks!

Congratulations Dan, on the new gig. You've been rocking it, innovating and inspiring on your blog for years. I know you will do well.

I have a question on the one cup of vinager, it was way too much, and ruined,and discolored the sauce could this have been a typo? and this is after I added 5 Large Haas avacados. It was way too vinagery. I was so looking foreward to the sauce that my favorite restuarant makes. I will try adding more avacados. I have loved all of your other recipes I have tried.

I thought the entire cup of vinegar sounded like way too much as well. Doesn't look like near that much in the photo.....?

Pinned it. Though I agree that a full cup of vinegar looks like more than what's in the picture. I'll start with a tablespoon and go from there. Thanks for sharing. I'm not an avocado fan, but I do like hot sauces that aren't all heat, no flavour.

Does it keep well in fridge for a while or could you freeze into cubes? I wonder if it would be as potent after de-frosting...

Why don't you try it out and then tell us?

This does look tasty.

Oh Yum, I think guacasaca might be my new favourite sauce/dip
Got to try this next time I make tacos, don't have a blender though..
Got a feeling this would go great with nachos as well.

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