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Peanut Butter Candy Squares


To make up for the dessert failure last week, here is a delicious and easy to make dessert to kick off this one. I always love it when I am home at my parents for the weekend and my mom happens to be baking. I just follow along with my camera and end up with a nice easy blog post! Oh, and these bars were insanely delicious. I mean, the recipe pretty much states: Take a bunch of different candy, toss into a baking dish, top with condensed milk, and bake until awesome. How can it possibly be bad?

So the bottom is nutter butters. Off to a good start.

A layer of chopped up butterfingers and peanut butter cups is followed by some condensed milk mixed with peanut butter. It sounds ridiculous saying it out loud. Or typing it or whatever.

It gets nice and bubbly when it's done baking.

You have to let it cool and harden a little because at first its like goopy molten lava.


The recipe she followed is here.


This looks so delicious...and is totally the type of thing I would eat for breakfast. Thanks for yet another great recipe!

Wow, what an intensely delicious creation. Will definitely try making this sometime soon. Have you ever tried any Thai peanut butter desert concoctions? If not, you should totally try something like this:

These are so evil.

What are the measurements? I don't want to use too much milk.

Oops, nevermind.

I have tried to make those, but they ended up too hard after cooling down. I guess, I did something wrong. I am not very experienced in baking. :(

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