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Guest post from YOU!


My favorite part of blogging by far is when people email me and tell me that they made one of my recipes and that they loved it. It (might be) the closest I will ever get to actually cooking for you all. You must be good at cooking, because most of the time I don't even post a recipe! I sometimes still can't believe what this website has become, and I really can't say thanks enough to all my fans. Here is a small sampling of some of the pictures you guys have sent me in the past.  Please don't hesitate to send me some pics if you make any of my recipes!


Jenifer made this awesome looking Mac and Cheese Popper. (Original Recipe)


Scott and Laura nailed the jalapeno popper dog at a recent BBQ. (Original Recipe)


Melissa decided the mac and cheese stuffed burger might be better on toast.  (Original Recipe)


I can't believe how great this anonymous lasagna timpano looks!  (Original Recipe)


Danya made this green mac and cheese.  (Original Recipe)


And so did Aria


Armando said that these were the best meatballs he had ever eaten!  (Original Recipe)


Lex tackled Mac and Cheesesteak on her blog WeeklyMac, where she tries out a new mac and cheese every week. (Original Recipe)


My friend Peggy made Flank Steak Enchiladas on her blog. (Original Recipe)


York and Spoon made The Avocado Pasta Salad on her blog. (Original Recipe)


And the Evolution of a Foodie has Chocolate Mac and Cheese covered pretty well on her site. (Original Recipe)

Great stuff everyone! If I missed something you sent me, It is probably lost in my messy inbox. Thanks again to all.


I sat here thinking, "Man, I've made so much stuff off of here, but I don't think I've ever e-mailed a picture to Dan" - low and behold, I actually did post about one! Totally forgot - but I remember those enchiladas being oh so delicious =)

Your website HAS come a long way and it's awesome. Despite not having "normal" recipes to go by, obviously your fans are reading and making them, myself included. Thanks. Looking forward to many more recipes and years to come of The Food in my Beard.

My wife and I made the "Sriracha Chex Mix" you posted about way back in November. Here's the pic -->

We've made some other things you've posted too. I love the creativity and thought you put into your recipes. Thank you!

All of these pictures look amazing! Your food is so original & amazing, who wouldn't want to try to get crafting in the kitchen, even if you didn't provide a recipe!

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