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Oyster Po' Mi


You guys, I'm still alive! I know TFIMB might have been what I like to call "a little slacky" for the past few weeks in terms of post volume, but I have been crazy busy. I know you all sit around all day at your desks clicking refresh on my homepage just waiting for new recipes (right?), so never fear, I will be cooking up a storm this weekend and you can expect the volume to be back where it should be if not by next week than at least by the week after!

In other news, this Oyster Po' Mi Sandwich is pretty amazing. Anytime I can involve a pun in a recipe title I know I nailed it.


Nailed it!

Yes, I do check your site every day to see if there's anything new. Hopefully this "storm" this weekend brings lots of delicious recipes and new posts.

You still post more often than I do nowadays =) This sounds awesome - and I love the constant puns!

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