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Carrot Butter Soba


A quick and healthy dinner that was still comforting to the soul was on the agenda this past Monday night, as a friend and I got together to try and unwind and detox ourselves from a particularly long week and weekend. To me, this usually means at least one of three things; vegetarian, spicy, and filled with noodles. This dish was all three. I was at the Asian market that day anyways to get some quail eggs(Aside: quail eggs are awesome, recipe coming up next week on tablespoon), so this recipe had some Asian connections, but was mostly influenced by what was on our minds and what was in his pantry, namely butter, worcestershire, and vinegar.

First scramble up some firm tofu. Brown and set aside.

Leeks get caramelized next.

Garlic and ginger in with some chile paste, then add the carrots. Cook these down a little but don't let them get soggy.

The cooked noodles and spinach go in at the last minute.  And the cooked tofu.

Some pickled chiles to garnish.

This meal satisfied all our cravings and got us on our feet to attack the world the next day.

1 square of firm tofu, about 5 - 7 fairly large carrots, julienned, 4 leeks, chopped and rinsed well, 3 cloves garlic and an equal amound of ginger, all micro-planed to a paste. 1 spoonful of gochujang (feel free to use sriracha or sambol instead), 1 lb of fresh soba, a big handful of chopped baby spinach, half stick butter, worcestershire, red wine vinegar.

The tofu is cooked, then removed. Brown the leeks in half the butter. Next goes in the garlic, ginger, and chile pastes. Next the carrots. Add the rest of the butter and season with the worcestershire and vinegar. Cook till carrots soften but do not get soggy. Add the spinach and cooked noodles and tofu. Season to taste and serve.

To quick pickle the peppers, pour boiling vinegar over some chopped thai chiles. Add a smashed garlic clove and some coriander, salt, and sugar. Allow to sit at room temp for at least an hour before serving.


Shredded carrots with soba sound like a perfect combination--especially as the hot weather is creeping up on us. :)

How do you get those nice long carrot ribbons? Mandolin? Food processor?

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