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Mini Cuban Tostone Sandwiches


A few months back, I made some tostone tostadas. The initial plan of that meal was for them to be sandwiches, but the fillings were not solid enough, and the tostones a little thick. I'm glad that plan didn't work out because for one, those tostadas were delicious, but more importantly, the destiny of the tostone sandwich was clearly to house ham, pork, pickles, cheese, and mustard.

First I made a quick version of that tasty yet incendiary bright orange sauce that is at each table at most Caribbean and South American restaurants.

Get all the seeds and ribs out of the habs, chop em up, add some garlic, coriander, and mustard seed, and pour some boiling vinegar on top. Salt this well. After that, just blend it up until smooth.

On to the tostones. Chop your plantains into one inch chunks and fry away.

Notice the color difference after the first fry!

I didn't squish these as much as I normally would, because I was cutting them in half.

After the next fry, its time to slice them in half.  I expected this process to be more of an ordeal, but it actually was pretty easy! I only lost one tostone doing this, and messing a few up can be a good thing because you get to eat them.

I started assembleing one in the top right corner. Some mustard on one side, and a very slight amount of hot sauce on the other.

I had been a little unsure about this recipe up until this moment.

Once the first one was made, it was assembly line time.

Finally, pop them into the oven for 10 minutes or so just to melt the cheese and make them all warm and nice. When they come out hot, press each one down a little with your hand just to compact them and make them more like the pressed sandwich that they are trying to emulate.

I have to say, these were really really good.

I made 15 and they were gone almost instantly

Everyone loves cuban sandwiches, everyone loves tostones, this was a perfect match.

The crisp tostone emulated the crunch that the bread should have on a proper Cuban sandwich.  Crack of the crust!

To make the hot sauce, remove the seeds from a bunch of habaneros, chop them up, add a clove of garlic, some mustard and coriander seeds, and pour in boiling vinegar just to the top of the peppers. Let it sit a couple hours, stirring occasionally, or even a few days.  Blend it smooth. It should be slightly watery.

After that, grab some shredded pork, ham, mustard, cheese, and pickles. Make your tostones a little on the thick side, slice them in half, and build your sandwiches.


These are pretty adorable/genuis

I love the idea of mini cuban sandwiches. I am making that habanero sauce, thanks for the recipe!

Wow, those look ridiculously amazing. If only I had the guts to cook with habeneros - I love 'em, but I just know my clumsy self would end up getting some in my eye or something! I often have that problem with just jalapenos...

This is a straight genius idea, my friend!

Excellent idea!! I didn't think tostones could get much better but adding the contents of a Cuban sounds awesome.

I don't even eat meat and these look amazing!

These are adorable! That is such a creative "bun" idea!

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