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Israeli Couscous "Circle Salad"


Gah its so nice out right now. Leave where you are. Shut down your computer and go outside. WAIT WAIT! first make this Israeli Couscous "Circle Salad" from Tablespoon and bring it with you. Your day will be that much better.


I think you mean, leave where you are and go get some FROZEN CUSTARD!!! Amiright?

Picture looked nice, then I saw tomato and fresh mozz and had to make this dish! I'm eating it now and I love the flavors and texture of this salad. I substituted roasted sunflower seeds for the pine nuts because they were much cheaper, and being in college that's usually what I look for.

I'm a big fan of your cooking, and am usually making a recipe of yours each week. Looking forward to seeing more and more!

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