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Cornerstone Cooking: a Cookbook from Macheesmo


There are many factors to choose from when deciding if you are a successful food blogger, and if you are better or worse than another blogger. Stats, comments, post quality and quantity come to mind initially. Publishing a book is a huge milestone in the blogger world, and my dear rival Macheesmo has officially beat me to it. He announced it yesterday, but I was lucky enough to have the secret link and get my copy early. Believe me when I say that this book is fantastic. I don't often unabashedly endorse something here, but today I can say without hesitation that you need to buy this book. I have never seen a cookbook laid out in such a unique yet totally logical way. He has some crazy promotions going on on his site if you buy the book this week, so get on it!


Dude, you're making me e-blush over here!

Thanks for the shoutout!

I'll bite - it sounds like a good book for me to have in my kitchen, plus I Love both your blogs...

He gave you a shoutout on his blog & now I follow you both :)

I'm holding out for TFIMB book!

This is nice. Really love to read that article. Thanks for this ..

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