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Cooking with Booze Week!


My first original recipe, way before I had a website, way before I even knew how to cook, was dumping Busch Light in a zip lock bag with various meats and spices and grilling it on the greenspace on sunny afternoons senior year. Ever since, I have had a bit of a habit of adding some of what I am drinking to the food party. A lot of times however, when you cook with booze you don't really taste it in the final dish. Because everyone loves a nice theme week, I set out to make 5 recipes with 5 different alcohols and make them actually TASTE like the boozy ingredient. The fun starts Monday, but for now, here is a roundup of my 15 favorite recipes with booze in them.


Irish cream AND whiskey in the same recipe! Yes please.


Lets get through the sweets first here. Bacon burbon brownies speak for themselves.


Bananas Foster is awesome! So is having a banana tree in your yard...


Guiness Bread.


Guiness Onion Soup (serve with said Guiness bread).


Chili Risotto.


I used Magic Hat Howl in this tasty plantain chili.


A classic beer battered fish sandwich.


Bro Week fra diavolo has a nice hit of white wine.


More Guiness! This time we are braising a short rib with it.


This Paula Deen recipe for Jack Daniels sweet potatoes has become a holiday staple in my family.


Jerk chicken is not jerk chicken without rum. Jerk chicken lasagna.




Stroganoff with some brandy.


The BBQ sauce in this recipe is LOADED with burbon.

Be back next week with more boozy goodness!


This is awesome! ...But could you come up with a recipe that uses Jaegermeister? I hope you'll take that as a challenge :)

I loved the plantain chili... yum
The picture of the short ribs with the salt/spices on it, super up close, is awesome.
Looking forward to reading recipes with boozy goodness next week... (though I'm most likely not going to fall off the wagon for it :/ )

Mmm, I want that bananas foster. I also want a banana tree in my back yard.

I CAN'T WAIT, I LOVE BOOZE! I mean booze week...

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