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Wasabi Pork Wontons


Inspired by something I had tried at a sushi place, I set out to make some pork dumplings that had wasabi built into the dough. In the end the wasabi flavor was very subtle. I think this is because horseradish loses its flavor very fast as it gets cooked, and let's face it, american wasabi is horseradish plus green food coloring. Regardless, these wontons tasted awesome, they just could have used a bit more umph. I constantly seek innovative uses for wasabi and horseradish in recipes, and am continually let down when the wasabi flavor gets cooked out of the dish! When will I learn?

I bought the powdered wasabi so I could just mix it with the flour. I thought that because this powder needs to be microwaved with water when making wasabi paste, maybe it would be ok to steam and not lose its flavor.

The filling was just pork mixed with scallions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and hoisin.

When I am steaming asian style wontons I don't like to seal them.

In 10 minutes the pork will be fully cooked and the wonton wrapper will be nice and soft.

My friend Rich always sets a nice table when he has friends over to eat. Note the soup - that recipe is coming later this week.

Again delicious, but not much wasabi flavor going on.

I used almost the whole tin of wasabi powder to 4 cups flour, 2 eggs, and enough water to make the right dough consistency, but it was still pretty subtle. The filling was just pork mixed with scallions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and hoisin.


Have you ever tried using the wasabi sold in tubes? (usually found in Asian supermarkets, I use S&B brand) Those definitely have more of a potent wasabi flavor and aroma than the powder.

I do agree that wasabi just doesn't do well cooked. However, I think it works for "quick sautee" recipes and adding the wasabi at the last minute possible. I personally make pasta with avocado/shrimp/wasabi. In fact,I would love to see you come up with a "california roll pasta" dish...I think that would be right up your alley!

I wonder if you could spread a little wasabi on top of the dough, fold it up inside with the other fillings, and it would still be fairly strong. Regardless, this sound delicious!

Awwwwwwww thanks :)

I enjoyed this meal very much and love to host a nice dinner.
Yea, more umph next time, though.

I've found the same thing in wasabi-flavored cheese. Every once in a while, there'd be that sinus-clearing heat, but mostly it tasted faintly like asparagus

wait.. how did you make the wanton wrappers?! just the flour, egg and water and you got a dough that you could shape into a wanton looking thing? I almost don't believe it could be that easy!

Mmmm, I love wontons

Looking at these pictures makes me so hungry

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