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Roasted Cauliflower Soup


We ate this simple soup with the wasabi wontons from the other day. I had recently made the super simple roasted potato soup, and I wanted to try again with roasted cauliflower. Again with this soup, the roasting brings out way more flavor than boiling the cauliflower in broth.

Step 1 is to roast the cauliflower in a very hot oven to get these nice browned marks.

pop it into the stock and blend it all up.


More gruel please! Yea it totally looks like some sort of slop or gruel from some old movie about British orphans or something.

But it was really tasty!

Garlic and onion in the pot, followed by veggie stock, then the roasted cauliflower. Blend it up, then add some shredded cheese and stir till its melted and mixed in well. pretty much a two sentence recipe.  My cheese was emmentaler.


I saw the roasted potato one and plan to try it at some point, but this looks really good too. Never been a fan of cauliflower, but I've never tried it roasted either.

Would it work with broccoli or is the texture too different?

And can I use a normal blender? I don't have an immersion blender.

British orpans...hahaha

Mmmm roasted cauliflower! More gruel for me!

What's the recipe? I need a starting much of each ingredient?

Great idea! Im not much of a cauliflower fan but i would like to try this. Can you go a little more in depth about the portions and the ingrediants of the stock?

Do you have a recipe for a pumpkin soup or bisque? I would love tot see that!

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