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Kimchi Chicken Wings

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While trying to think of a few alternate sauces for chicken wings, kimchi came into my sights at the grocery store. I like to leave some brainstorming for while I am actually at the store, which sometimes can be THE WORST, but other times can lead to some really awesome recipes. I popped the kimchi into the blender with a few other flavors and it turned into a really awesome sauce for the wings.

I don't have many pictures for this one because 1. I had just won like 5 games of beer pong, 2. I was making another dish at the same time, and 3. there isn't much to this really. Just pop everything into the blender and pulse away!

But they came out awesome! One suggestion I have is to warm it up a bit though, the sauce was cold and made the wings cold when I dipped them.

In the blender I put a whole jar of kimchi, a spoonful of gochujang, some honey, clove of garlic, bit of ginger, and just a splash of beer to thin it out a bit.

1 Comment

This. Looks. Awesome. Especially after 5 games of beer pong.

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