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Buffalo Frog Legs


It's Leap Day, real life is for March! Are you guys wearing your blue and yellow? Since nothing you do today matters, why not try something exotic like frog? Check out my Buffalo Frog Leg recipe on Tablespoon. In other news, This week is my last week at my job, my birthday, AND I am going away for the weekend, so I decided to take the time off blogging and relax a little. I will be back sometime mid next week. See ya soon!


I'm wearing a pink shirt and khaki cuordoroy pants...
what's with blue and yellow?

Happy Birthday, you deserve a break.
ewww frog legs...

Happy birthday!! I love buffalo anything and anything that tastes like chicken, so this sounds like something I would like :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy the time off. Keep me posted on how things are going.

These look awesome! If your interested in some 'swamp food' there is a new place in Harvard square called First Printer that has frog legs, crawfish, alligator etc. They also have an alligator "wing" taken from the front leg. I'd never seen gator prepped like that. It wasn't a buffalo gator wing but it was tasty, different than the usual tail meat. Their drinks are good too.

tl;dr - those look awesome, there is a new option for less than traditional fare in Hvd Sq. that isn't French prepped.

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