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Spicy Sour Peanut Butter


One of the most important reasons for my extreme health kick in the early months of every year is not in fact what you might think. You see, during the later months of the year when I am overeating and indulging in fatty foods, the inspirational side of my food brain gets clogged up a bit. I still can think of new things to cook, but sometimes it can become a little too variations on a theme if you will. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but when I am depriving myself of certain foods, it starts to come from EVERWHERE. Jack White once said that restriction is the mother of creativity.

Peanuts + Food Processor = Peanut Butter.

It's almost like a pad thai peanut butter. I mean we are missing some tamarind, but you still sort of think pad thai on your first bite.

The texture was also really cool. Less dense than normal peanut butter.

A little over a cup of peanuts in a food processor with the slightest amount of oil until it becomes peanut butter. Add a big handfull of cilantro, some soy sauce, lime, and sriracha and let it run again until everything is smooth. Dip things in it. Eat it with a spoon.  Make a sandwich with it. It would be awesome on plain wheat bread with cucumbers.


This looks delicious; I crave spicy peanut sauces/dips from time to time and this looks so easy! LOVE your site.

I'm definitely liking this type of health kick =)

Sometimes I get a little iritated at how creative you are! Thank you for sharing.

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