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Tostone Tostada with Stewed Chicken and Parsnip Hot Sauce


Since I'm not much of a cookie guy, and cooking a perfect roast is important to know but boring and done to death on blogs, the time leading up to the holidays for me is spent making creative apps that you guys can bring to your Christmas and new years parties. This one is almost like a crostini or toastada but it uses a fried plantain as the vessel for the delicious stewed chicken and hot sauce. Oh and the secret ingredient in the hot sauce? Parsnip.

Roast the parsnip first.

Toss in the blender with all of these ingredients. This is very loosely based on a peruvian style hot sauce that features carrots and aji peppers.

Neon orange. mmmmmm.

Chicken stewed in some tomatoes and spices.

The plantains chopped and ready for the hot oil. I don't cook with these guys enough.

Smashing plantains for tostones is one of my favorite steps in any recipe.

Each of the 4 elements of this recipe had a job to do in the final dish. The sauce was spicy and vinegary, the chicken was savory and meaty, the guac was creamy and fresh, and the tostone was crunchy. Alone they were all just ok, but brought together they create the perfect bite of food.

The sauce is loosely based on a peruvian hot sauce that has carrots and aji peppers. I used a couple parsnips roasted until soft, a jar of pimentos with the juices, a clove of garlic, Tabasco sauce, and vinegar. Blend till smooth.

The chicken was some thighs in with browned onions, garlic, and canned diced tomatoes. A bit of paprika and chile powder as well.

A simple guac for the top

Tostones are easy. Peel a green plantain, cut into segments about an inch and a half long. Fry in shallow oil. Flip once. Just as you start to see evidence of browning, take them out and smash them one by one under a plate. Fry again until browned and crispy. Be sure to salt as they come out of the oil.


Very creative. I totally want one minus chicken.

This post is so colorful.
These were fantastic. I'm so lucky to have a food blogger friend. I love how all 4 elements came together in this - it really is one of the best apps I've ever eaten in my life. No exaggeration.

How do you bring this as an app? Can the tostones and chicken be transported separately and served at room temp or should they be served warm? They sound awesome and I am going to a Cuban inspired Christmas Eve dinner and I think these would rock.

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