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Mac and Cheesesteak


Duh. Right? I mean for a guy with over 15 mac and cheese recipes on his blog, and love of cheesesteaks, you would think that I would have done this already. No. It took me moving in with some guys from southern New Jersey to dream this one up. As you can imagine, people from around there have pretty specific ideas in mind of what is and isn't a cheesesteak so I had to stay true to the real thing.

As far as I'm concerned, there are only 3 acceptable cheeses for a cheesesteak. American, provolone, and wiz. For the mac and cheese version, American, provolone, and asiago worked.

Cook up the steaks on a nice hot griddle or pan.

Nicely browned.

A cheesesteak isn't complete without caramelized onions.

I like to sneak a few banana peppers in mine too. The purists didn't seem to mind.

Really good stuff.

Creamy, cheesy, lots of steak.

Go to the deli counter and ask for a chunk of cheese instead of slices. Get 0.8 pounds each of american and provolone. Then at the cheese display grab about 6 oz of asiago. The rest of the ingredients are 2 onions, 2 pounds shaved steak, 4 tablespoons flour, 4 tablespoons butter, 6 cups milk, some bread crumbs, and a pound and a half of gemelli pasta. Banana peppers are optional. Sear off the steak in batches to get it all nice and brown. Remove from pan. In the same pan cook the onions down in some butter until very browned. Meanwhile heat the butter and flour whisking often until smooth and very slightly starting to brown. Add the milk whisking constantly and bring to a simmer. Once the simmer is achieved and the mixture is thickened, kill the heat and let the temperature drop a bit. Turn the heat back on low and slowly start adding the cheese in handfuls, whisking to be sure everything is melting evenly. Drop the pasta into salted boiling water. Cook a few minutes less than the package says. Strain and mix with the sauce. Mix in the meat. Spread onions and optional banana peppers on top and lightly press into the mixture with a spoon. Top with breadcrumbs and bake at 400 until the sauce is bubbling and the top is browned. If it hasn't browned, broil it for a minute or 2.


I think that break worked. This looks great!

I think you need to throw this all in a toasted sub roll and open up a stand

That looks sooooooo good. I may have to make this sometime!

Funny...I'm eating homemade broccoli chicken mac & cheese as I read this. It's definitely the best comfort food (and the tastiest way to get rid of random fridge ingredients).

Just wanted you to know that I made this and it was sooo yummy! :)

Just reviewed this on my site! Spoiler: Loved it!

so i've been looking through your site for a couple of days. First, i'd just like to say that i love the way you've layed out your blog. The pictures really help, and then having the recipe at the end is a nice set up. B, i just finished creating this recipe. i just took my first bite and IT'S AMAZING! One of the best mac and cheese dishes i've ever made. I full intend to continue using your blog and making some of your genius food.


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