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Fish and Chip Tots


Do you love fish and chips but hate the extra effort of having to eat the fish separately from the chips??? (cue black and white video of people having trouble eating fish and chips)  Well you are in luck! I had the idea for these tots after eating a classic Italian Bacalao (salt cod) preparation. The salt cod was soaked to remove some of the saltiness and then mixed with potato and deep fried. I thought why not skip out on the whole salting then un-salting process and just try it with fresh cod? They came out really great. Dipped in a makeshift tartar sauce these tots are pub food perfection.

The sauce was as easy as put this stuff in a food processor and turn it on.

I undercooked the potatoes a little so that they wouldn't mash smooth. I wanted a little texture in the tots.

There is a little more fish in here than it appears. About a pound and a quarter of cod to 3 medium potatoes.

Shaping them is kinda fun actually. Then a quick dredge and toss em in the oil.

So so so good.

I could write "yum" a million times on this blog.

The crispy exterior broke way to a piping hot mass of potato flecked with juicy flakey cod and just enough herby flavor from the thyme. The creamy vinegar flavor from the sauce was the perfect compliment to the earthy tots.

For the sauce, just some mayo, pickle, oil, and sriracha in the food processor.

For the tots I roasted 3 medium yukon potatoes. Go a little underdone just so you get some chunks and texture in the tots. Chop up the potatoes and place in a bowl with a pound and a quarter of cod chopped up into small pieces. Add in some thyme, an egg, salt and pepper, and a few tablespoons of flour to hold everything together. Mix well and add a little more flour if it seems to need it to stick together properly. Form into tot shapes, coat in a thin layer of flour and fry until browned.


I love bacalao - and these fresh cod tots sound delicious too. Is it wrong that I want them for breakfast?

Weeeird, but cool too

I love tater tots, and I love fish & chips, and these look like a seriously good combination.

Mmmmm... These look so good. I can't say that I've had trouble with fish and chips before, but I like the idea of these!

Living in England- I'm gonna try these for dinner one night instead of having a "chippy" tea!!! TY!!!

You complete me.

Good point - why must we eat the fish separately from the chips. So much extra effort!

Very nice. Now come visit me and make me some food.

I would make these... but I think the cat would steal them...

Wow this looks amazing, love the idea. Definitely going to try it soon!
Would love if you gave my blog a look -

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