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Bacon Bourbon Brownies


Everyone who lives at my apartment has a job and purpose. As Joe says, we all "bring something to the table". If you don't have anything to bring to the table, you are swiftly removed. When you live with 5 people, it's important that everyone carries their weight! My job is obviously in the kitchen. I keep things clean in there and also cook meals for everyone. Generally I am happy with my station, but the other day my roommate Tim asked me if I could make him a dessert for his company Christmas party. I instantly felt like the mom of the house! (moooooooooooooooommmmm can you make me cookies for the soccer banquet?) The only thing I could do to make myself feel better was make the manliest brownies possible. I baked up these bacon-burbon brownies that have been all over the blogs this year.

I don't use a hand mixer, because that wouldn't be manly.

yep, that's what you think it is. Bacon fat goes right into the batter!

Lots of eggs. Also, salt is what makes this recipe good.

Thick batter.

Bacon sprinkles! My roommate asked if she could use bacon bits and I gave her a real dirty look and told her she should never use bacon bits. For anything. Ever.

The only thing I did that wasn't in the recipe was to brush some bourbon on to the brownies while they were still hot. Most of the bourbon in the recipe cooks out, so brushing some on at the end will really add a nice whiskey punch.

So good.

Salty sweet is the best.

I hope the co-workers like this one!

For once, I followed a recipe! I used this one. I doubled it, and also brushed some bourbon on after they cooked. If you want a quick and easy version, try this one on tablespoon.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a nice holiday. See you next week for some fun New Years apps.


"I don't use a hand mixer, because that wouldn't be manly."
Duh. Obviously.

"Never use bacon bits. For anything. Ever." Yes - so very true.

"For once, I followed a recipe!" Finally!

This post is just filled with fantastic quotes. Hahaha

Oh, and these look awesome. Did you keep them slightly soft? I wonder if walnuts would go well in them? I prefer nuts in my brownies. :P

Never ever use bacon bits -- agreed! This sound amazing. I made bacon cupcakes a while ago and the bacon was baked into the cupcakes so it got soft. I like that the bacon is on top of these and must be nice and crispy.

The coworkers would have to be crazy not to love this.

Bacon bits are the devil. These on the other hand look outstanding.

I made these over Christmas and everyone loved them. It was definitely one of the most complicated recipes I've tried, I was so amazed it turned out well! I brushed on bourbon at the end as you suggested, so good. I'm making them again this weekend but I think I'm adding a bit more sugar.

Did you add more salt than is suggested in the recipe? About how many times have you made these since this post? Curious to know if they are repeat-worthy :)

Thanks for your quick response! I halved the recipe, but no other changes. Baked in an 8x8 glass dish for 25 mins, and they came out perfectly dense and fudgy. I brushed them with about a tablespoon of bourbon afterwards, and it definitely gave them a "whiskey punch". I could taste the bacon, but I thought it was slightly overshadowed by the bourbon and wished for more bacon on top. My hubby shared these with several other men, and the consensus was that the addition of the bourbon was great, but the bacon got mixed reviews (whatever). I will probably make these again, but with MORE BACON!

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