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Top Beard: Texas


It's a long standing tradition here on TFimB (season 4, season 5, season 6, season 7) to endorse a Top Cheftestant before the show even starts based on facial hair alone! Last year I didn't get to do it because season 8 was all-stars, so I am happy to be back for season 9. If you watched the two pre-episodes (is that what we are calling those?), you know there is one crazy front-runner in the battle of the beards.


Andrew has a pretty standard beard situation, it's a little low on the face though.


Edward is rocking the standard sushi-chef look. Long handlebars with a mini chin thing. He is flirting with goatee though.

Richie knows how to rock some serious handlebars. I was a fan of him in the pre-episodes and I think he is gonna do well.


Tylor knows a thing or two about the ironic moustache. I wonder if he also likes skinny jeans and PBR?


KEITH!!!!! Thank you Keith. You have my vote, now and forever. Also those glasses? Killing it. Do us bearded folk proud!

Have you guys caught the pre-episodes? Who do you like so far?


your endorsement cracks me up every time. (I wouldn't call Richie's facial "serious handlebars" though...
I know Mike and Kyle are watching the show, so, I'll have to watch it when I go over there to follow how your man, Keith does.

Team Keith!
Hell's yes!
mad talent

I'm gonna vote for Big Poppa Keith's beard. Although I like Ed "I'm gonna cook with my feet" too!

I love Richie! Not just for his ironic, hipster chef style, but he's from Chicago my home town!! I'm stoked to see so many talented chefs from Chicago on this season. I think it will be awsome to see Richie and his buddy duke out at the molecular gastronomy stuff. I'm excited for this season. You should duplicate some of your favorite dishes you see on the show, that would be cool :)

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