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Macaroon Fail


You guys have no idea how good it felt to have a bit of a vacation for the holiday last week. Not only did I take a few days off the blog, but I took the whole week off "real work"! It was super relaxing and I did a ton of fun stuff, little of which involved cooking. I really needed the break cause I was feeling a little burnt out in the kitchen, messing up easy recipes and taking some photos that I wouldn't really consider up to my standards. These macaroons were pretty much the last straw. Something that should have been easy turned into mashing 2 different recipes and the wrong ingredients into a cookie that tasted like eating gravel.

Whipping egg whites is standard in many macaroon recipes.

This is the main fail of the recipe. I had leftover coconut from a recipe and that is why I decided to make these real quick. My coconut was shredded and dehydrated though, unlike the usual grated coconut that still has some moisture to it. I thought this would be a unique spin on macaroons and just tried to add extra moisture elsewhere. I was wrong.

These looked like some weird tuna ball appetizer from the 50s.  Which actually sounds good to me...

After they baked they didn't look any better. I pressed my thumb into one and it basically crumbled. Like eating gravel.

So yea, the vacation was good to put failures like this behind me. I'm already cooking up some awesome stuff that I cant wait to show you guys! If you want to make macaroons, you should probably try these instead.


Haha, I've been having a couple of days like that. I badly burned my finger last night, and it was the last straw.

Tell me about it, first time I tried to make macaroons I tried to use a plastic bowl and a fork to whip the egg whites. Danika Lydia and I took turns whipping for 3 hours before Micky looked it up and realized we needed a metal bowl (._.) so basically we made egg-white soup... surprisingly it tasted pretty good though!

I've lurked your blog for a while now, but I stopped here to say how much I appreciate you sharing your failures as well as your successes. It reminds me that daring in the kitchen is "daring" for a reason.

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