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Ginger Chicken Meatball Banh Mi


There were some leftover meatballs from my peanut noodle dish, so I made this awesome sandwich with them a few days later. Based on a banh mi, this guy was packed with flavor. Sweet, salty, sour, and spicy with a strong essence of ginger and Thai basil. So good that it didn't feel like leftovers.

Traditional Vietnamese meatballs are coated in a caramel sauce. Here I am making the caramel to toss the non-traditional meatballs in.

Topped with some quick pickled carrots and Thai basil leaves.

Skip the fussy peanut noodles and just make these awesome sandwiches!

The meatballs were 2 lbs of chicken, 1 large onion browned, 3 cloves garlic, 2 inches of ginger, a bunch of scallions, some fish sauce, a few slices of wet bread, and a pinch of salt. Broil about 7 minutes, flip, broil about 5 minutes.

To quick pickle the carrots, just boil some rice vinegar, then pour it over shredded carrots and let it sit an hour or 2.

To make the sauce for the meatballs, in a pan heat half cup of sugar with ΒΌ cup of water until the sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil and when it starts to brown, kill the heat and add the meatballs and a squirt of sriracha. Stir and coat the meatballs and allow them to heat through.


This looks like a killer bank mi Dan! Next time I have leftover meatballs, I definitely know what I'll be doing with them =)

Caramel meatballs?! You're a crazy man. Love it.

Fun twist in a meatball sub! Love the caramel. Awesome idea!

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